April Fools need not apply

This is an April Fools Free Zone.  Which is to say that the following things are true, and not thinly disguised attempts to bully or belittle you.

Yes, I have Opinions about April Fools Day.

1 A couple weeks ago, Steve and I stopped by Writers Drinking Coffee and had a great time chatting with Karen, Jeannie, and Chaz.
The interview is now up and you can listen to it here.

2  The results of the Great Salvage Right Tyop Hunt have been forwarded to Baen.  Steve and I extend our thanks to all who participated.

3  Steve and I will be Writer Guests of Honor at Heliosphere, at the end of this month.  Our schedule is firming up. We expect to have a lot of fun, and hope to see you there.  You can learn about the con and register here

4  For those who have been following along, for several years now — Yesterday was the six-month get-together with the oncologist.  Blood was drawn and read.  I am pronounced “appallingly healthy” and am under orders to remain so.  Next get-together in six months.

5  April 1 is celebrated as an anniversary here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, it being the day Steve and I moved in together. Yes, we were aware of the irony, but if you didn’t move out by the first, you owed the whole month’s rent, and neither one of us could afford that.
This particular April 1 marks the 45th time we have celebrated the anniversary together, and while we’ve laughed a lot over the years, the partnership was never a joke.

Tyop Hunters, Tools Down!

So ends the Great Salvage Right Tyop Hunt.
Thirty-two seasoned tyop hunters took to the field and bagged an impressive number of errors.
Steve and I extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. Your dedication and attention to detail is mind-boggling. Your good humor is humbling, and your gentleness in the face of error unsurpassed.
Give yourselves a hand, Tyop Hunters!
And, again — thank you so very much.

Salvage Right eARC Formatting Errors

Salvage Right EARC news! Please read this slowly, there are Details.

Many of you noticed that the table of contents and the chapter headers in your copy of the eARC were … badly formatted.  In answer to many reports made to me, and transmitted to Baen Tech Support, a formatted eARC  has been uploaded.

If you have a badly formatted eARC, you may go here  to download the corrected file at no charge (this is always the case with Baen, but I want to be clear).

If you discover similar formatting errors in your NEW file, please report those errors to baensupportATprincipledtechnologiesDOTcom

REPEAT: ebook formatting errors should be reported to Baen Tech Support.

I will ask you to please be detailed in your report, if any. Baen Support was never able to reproduce the errors I reported on your behalf, which was all kinds of frustrating for everybody involved.

I know that I don’t have to, but — for That Guy In the Back — if you do make an error report, be gentle. Baen Support has been through a lot with this one, and fixing errors you can’t see is nerve-wracking, at best.

Thank you all.

What on Earth is the Woman Doing?

Well . . . keeping up with the Tyop Hunt, mostly.  It always amazes me, how Steve and I can find eight pages of typos, open the Hunt to eARC readers, and start receiving the pages of typos we didn‘t find.

What’s even more astonishing is that Every. Single. Tyop. Hunter. has found at least one, and often several more, typos that got past everyone else.

So, anyhow — keep ’em coming, folks.  Your help is appreciated, and, obviously, much needed.

Instructions and links: eARC, Tyop Hunting Guidelines, &c at this location.

Aside the Tyop Hunt, I’ve been marveling at the Maine weather, which has gone from summery to snow in four days — the last manifestation being snow on the overnight, with summer promised again tomorrow.

I’ve also been trying to get some work in edgewise on the — yes, yes, As Yet Untitled — WIP.  I did manage to read the 300 pages that currently exist in Shared Reality — that’s about 62,000 words, or half a book (for reference, Salvage Right is just a hair over 132,000 words).

The week upcoming promises many excitements, including Trooper’s annual visit to his vet — who adores him, and yet he remains aloof — and culminating in a visit to the oncologist stupidly early on Friday.  That may warrant a Writer’s Day Off.  I mean, since we’ll be out, and all…

So!  That’s what I’ve been doing.  Thanks for asking.


FAIR TRADE eARC available for download!

All righty, then!
The eARC of Fair Trade can now be purchased at this link.
IF you purchase the eARC and would like to participate in the Tyop Hunt (NOTE: You are never required to buy the eARC of our work, nor are you required to participate in a Tyop Hunt. Both of these actions are voluntary) — please send errors to me at rolanniATgmailDOTcom BEFORE February 2. Error reports should have include a search string that I can follow (NO page numbers will not do; we’re working from a paper PDF) AND ALSO the name you wish to be thanked under in the final edition of the book.
You do not to write to me beforehand to tell me that you are a joining the hunt.
Now, I’m going to go hunt some tyops, myself.

Well, we know where we’re going, but we don’t know where we’ve been

I just made a Project To-Do List

Well.  It’s good to be busy.

1  Finish collecting and collating the tyops.  End September 9

2  Proof The Wrong Lance ebook, collate it, and get it up for pre-order

2a  Take The Wrong Lance down from Patreon and Splinter Universe. September 12

3  Complete interview.  November 1

4  Write short story for DERELICT anthology.  December 1

5  Write short story to make the pair with “Galaxy Ballroom” for Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number, um…31? (eek!)  November 15

6  Decide if I’m Actually Going to Write another Archers Beach novel, or if I can scratch that itch by writing two novellas, instead.  Realsoonnow

7  Assist Steve as needed on the (two) Liaden books he’s lead on.  July 2021, July 2022

8  Plot and write the next Liaden book, but one.  Um.  July 2023?

The really annoying thing is?  I feel like I’m missing something.

Well.  It’ll come to me.

Today’s blog title brought to you by The Talking Heads: The Road to Nowhere

Tyop Hunters Needed: Trader’s Leap


If you have found TYPOS in the eARC of Trader’s Leap, you may send them to me at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom. However, you may only do so until 9 PM EASTERN, Wednesday, September 9.

*WHAT TYPOS ARE: Spelling errors. Wrong words. Missing words. Wrong character/place/ship name and/or misspelled character/place/ship name.

WHAT TYPOS ARE NOT: Grammar “errors” ESPECIALLY in dialogue. Sentences you don’t like. We’re not writing at this point; we’re seeking to make the existing narrative as clean as possible.

NO END QUOTE is NOT a typo if the same character is continuing to speak in the next paragraph.  This is the rule:  Quoting, the multi-paragraph rule.

The format for sending typos is to send a few identifying words around the typo so it can be found (my pagination is not your Kindle’s pagination; this is a True Fact, so page numbers are useless).

This is correct format for reporting a typo: “Very nearly as bad! Perhaps I ought not to remark at all, but merely flout my skill in becoming silence.” QUERY: Should “flout” be “flaunt”?

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?  All Tyop Hunters get their name printed on the acknowledgement page of all editions of the book that have an acknowledgements page.  BE CERTAIN to tell me in your note how you want your name listed on that page.  If you don’t, I’ll use whatever appears in the FROM section of your email.

Everybody psyched?