Salvage Right eARC Formatting Errors

Salvage Right EARC news! Please read this slowly, there are Details.

Many of you noticed that the table of contents and the chapter headers in your copy of the eARC were … badly formatted.  In answer to many reports made to me, and transmitted to Baen Tech Support, a formatted eARC  has been uploaded.

If you have a badly formatted eARC, you may go here  to download the corrected file at no charge (this is always the case with Baen, but I want to be clear).

If you discover similar formatting errors in your NEW file, please report those errors to baensupportATprincipledtechnologiesDOTcom

REPEAT: ebook formatting errors should be reported to Baen Tech Support.

I will ask you to please be detailed in your report, if any. Baen Support was never able to reproduce the errors I reported on your behalf, which was all kinds of frustrating for everybody involved.

I know that I don’t have to, but — for That Guy In the Back — if you do make an error report, be gentle. Baen Support has been through a lot with this one, and fixing errors you can’t see is nerve-wracking, at best.

Thank you all.

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