Trader’s Leap Spoiler Discussion, Author Edition: ON VOLMER

First, a housekeeping note.  I made some assumptions when I put together the original Introduction post for this series of discussions.  The error of my assumptions was quickly made apparent to me, so!  I have corrected myself, thankfully before this got well underway.

The new Introduction PAGE may be found here.  Sadly, in the transformation from Post to Page, many kind messages regarding the Liaden Universe®, Priscilla and Shan/Moonhawk and Lute, and the vagaries unique to publishing were left behind.  I want to assure you all that we read those messages and thank you all.

I did want to mention that there was no intent to complain in the introduction, but rather to provide a What Went Before for those who have joined us at other points in the timeline.  Thirty-two — well, actually, thirty-three, since Steve and I found the first edition mass market of Agent of Change in Greetings and Readings (in Loch Raven Plaza, Hillendale, Maryland) on Christmas Eve 1987 — years is a long history, and even people — like Steve and me — who were there at the beginning, may need a little bit of a refresher.

Steve and I are proud of our work in the Liaden Universe®, and I’m especially proud of Trader’s Leap, which manages to do so very much right, in our opinion as The Writers.










One of the things I really enjoyed about this story was the chance — the opportunity, at long last! — to get Shan yo’Galan and Janifer Carresens-Denobli in the same room.

My goodness, how well that went!  Classic Looper poetry recitation!  Who even knew there was classic Looper poetry?  Shan’s suspicion that Denobli might be beyond him, and the response — you all remember, right?  “This from the trader who sent me Theo Waitley and her ship?”

I was so pleased to be able to tie up for once and for all why Shan  sent Theo, and Bechimo, to Tradedesk.  Even though he wasn’t entirely certain, as he admits now, about the ship.

It’s such a high when two characters you, the writer, like, turn out to like each other.  With Janifer and Shan we not only see an immediate mutual liking, but complementary styles, and devotion to trade as a calling.

I also did like the interaction between the two ‘prentices, thrust together by Denobli’s brainwave — and Shan’s agreement.

“Is Trader Denobli your father?”  Padi asks, and Vanz’ answer, “Worse!  He’s my mother’s double-brother!”

Well, of course he is.

Yanno?  I didn’t even know Denobli had a ‘prentice until the lift door opened, and there he was, soon to wear the garnet, forsooth!

Padi and Vanz are going to do great things together, when their alliance matures, and both are, in fact, wearing the garnet.  I can’t wait to see where they’re going to take that.

So much happens at Volmer!  Padi gets a lesson in Healing, and begins to understand it as worthy in itself, not just a distraction from trade.

Denobli demonstrates that there are quick wits behind those quick wits — “Will this cause the Master Trader harm?” he asks Padi.  “Not if he’ll let me help him!” she answers, and Shan —

Shan manages to get over himself and accept his daughter’s help — “They grow up,” he says to Denobli.

In the meantime, these agreements between Korval and the Carresens Loop are looking interesting — and profitable — of themselves.  It’s a collaboration that could not — that did not — happen when Korval was still tied to Liad, but now…it’s almost looking like the relocation to Surebleak was a lucky break!

*looks over shoulder*

Well.  I could go on, but that really would be unseemly.  Let it stand that I really, really enjoyed everything about writing the segment set on Volmer.


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Thanks for listening.