April Fools need not apply

This is an April Fools Free Zone.  Which is to say that the following things are true, and not thinly disguised attempts to bully or belittle you.

Yes, I have Opinions about April Fools Day.

1 A couple weeks ago, Steve and I stopped by Writers Drinking Coffee and had a great time chatting with Karen, Jeannie, and Chaz.
The interview is now up and you can listen to it here.

2  The results of the Great Salvage Right Tyop Hunt have been forwarded to Baen.  Steve and I extend our thanks to all who participated.

3  Steve and I will be Writer Guests of Honor at Heliosphere, at the end of this month.  Our schedule is firming up. We expect to have a lot of fun, and hope to see you there.  You can learn about the con and register here

4  For those who have been following along, for several years now — Yesterday was the six-month get-together with the oncologist.  Blood was drawn and read.  I am pronounced “appallingly healthy” and am under orders to remain so.  Next get-together in six months.

5  April 1 is celebrated as an anniversary here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, it being the day Steve and I moved in together. Yes, we were aware of the irony, but if you didn’t move out by the first, you owed the whole month’s rent, and neither one of us could afford that.
This particular April 1 marks the 45th time we have celebrated the anniversary together, and while we’ve laughed a lot over the years, the partnership was never a joke.

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