No Spoilers, Please

If you’ve already finished reading Neogenesis, please take care not to spoil it for others who may not read so quickly, or who are waiting for the mass market edition (some people do), or who have simply put the book aside as a reward for finishing their coursework.  Or their novel.

There is a Spoiler Discussion for Neogenesis, so all is not lost.  Here’s your link.

Spoiler Thread for Neogenesis

Neogenesis, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 21st novel in the Liaden Universe®, is available as an eArc, that is an electronic advanced reading copy at Baen.  eArc are basically the page proofs of the novel — they typically do have errors, and — this time, at least — y’all can have the extra fun of reading Neogenesis while Steve and I are proofing that same file to get it read for setting as a final book.

For those who have read the eArc and wish to discuss it with like-minded, and like-read people, I provide this space for spoilers.

For those of you who will be waiting for the hardcover to be published in January, or the mass market, sometime in 201819— if you do not want the story spoiled:  DO NOT READ THE RESPONSES TO THIS POST.

You have been warned.