Gathering Edge Spoiler Discussion

The comment section below this post is for the Early Adopters of The Gathering Edge by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

If you have not read the eArc and/or intend to wait for a later publication, and you don’t want the story spoiled for you, for the love of ghod, please do not read the comments.


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73 thoughts on “Gathering Edge Spoiler Discussion”

  1. …and I turned the page to see what happened on leaving Lefavre to find that that was where the story ends for this year, darn it – more cliffhangery than I’d like.

  2. Bechimo crew numbers research update

    Ghostship Chapter 21:
    3 – 12 crew and family, up to 12 extra.

  3. Spiral Dance cords set Chapter 2

    Can they be reconciled by referring to Quick Passage ?
    She resides under Jelaza Kazone @ Dragon in Exile Chapter 37 .

  4. Just wondering–if the Pathfinders DID know Jela (since evidence seems to imply they did, what with the shibjela reference, even if it was mostly by reputation and possibly in person when being given their orders). And if never did make it into Spiral Dance for a thorough examination and also quite possibly never made it into the room where Baby Tree was recovering from its journey … would they recognize the Tree. I gather Jela had a reputation for carting around that vegetable of his.

    I further wonder if the Baby Tree had had a chance to meet Jela before being sent on its way?

    Because the idea of people (which in this case very definitely includes sentient trees) who had physically met him having a chance to meet NOW just tickles me to no end. I’m still so touched at the vision of Jela’s trek that Theo dreamed–because to Baby Tree, it’s obviously so recent.

    (Why, yes, I keep getting hung up on the idea of all these family reunions just LURKING there, waiting to spring on the unwary … because these are some pretty amazing reunions pending!)

    I wonder what Uncle is going to think of all this, too.

  5. Trang = Troop

    In the books explicitly sated types are :
    M series, X strain, Y stain and K grade.
    This implies that there may have been others types.
    Was there ever a F series, strain of grade of Trang ?

  6. To OBA’s ( our beloved authors

    Are there any topic(s0 you would particularly like to have
    addressed/discussed here ?
    I think we all want to be of service.

  7. Actually, no. I create and set aside a Spoiler Discussion page for each book so that people who have just read the eArc (mostly, but the same applies for the hardcover edition, since some folks only buy in mmp), and who are bubbling! over! with a need to talk about All! The! Cool! will not inadvertently spoil the story for those who have not yet read it.

  8. 8 pods ripening= Recipients; Theo, Clarence, Win Ton, Kara,
    Hevlin, Podesta, Chernak, Stost
    BTW the isolation of Podesta seems slightly cruel.

    Chapter 27 Jotita “… since all of the crew is not yet bonded”
    More bonding ceremonies, how many and who ?

  9. I hope someday we will hear from Alya Tiazan again.
    She is my favorite Tiazan cousin, ‘wistful sigh’
    The more so from rereading Plan B.

  10. Theo never disappoints! She is truely “of the line”. And I LOVE Win Ton’s statement that describes what the title refers to. A richly woven tapestry of characters, duly evolving; story arcs continuing with points introduced in the first books; plot hooks for the next edition to the universes continuing saga’ not to mention rollicking action and entertaining dialects; philosophical musings that explain backstory and universe principles worth a study all on their own; and …
    Looking forward to the next edition, and the one after that. Since I also (Cantra’s influence I’m sure) take the long view – please feel no pressure from your readers and do whatever it takes to take excellent care of yourselves. Health is a resource for living. I’d rather you got to the end of the story than get the next one a few months early. But I’m sure the cats are taking good care of you.

    And to have had to untangle this story from Padi’s without losing anything along the way I know required herculean effort. As a long time fan, I applaud a true Master Work!

  11. Guess I am hoping Podesta was on board.
    No text about her current whereabouts.
    My reasoning is that she might benefit from pod(s).
    No text about pod(s) and cats eating them that I could find.

  12. I think on the third reading, I may have stumbled on a glitch. This is near the 70% point:

    “Have you considered how you’re going to visit Pilot Tranza?” Joyita asked.

    In context, I think you may have meant Clarence rather than Joyita, as it goes on to mention his “native accent.”

  13. Thank you for the book!

    I was kind of hoping for a MMA match between Theo and the scout captain – but no such luck. Maybe in the next volume. Val Con could set them to fight for Win Ton’s service…

    Also, it feels like almost all characters in the book are left in mid-stride. Kara’s discomfort – unresolved. Win Ton’s treachery – unresolved. Tranza’s retreat- not reviewed. Hevelin’s mystery – unexplained. Pathfinder’s target – not clear. Lefavre – abandoned, without even setting him on a path somewhere. Scouts are suddenly the bad guys…

    It is all great reading, but I am really looking forward to seeing the end of all those stories.a

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