Gathering Edge Spoiler Discussion Pointer

For those who have read The Gathering Edge and want to talk about, there is an on-going spoiler discussion here

7 thoughts on “Gathering Edge Spoiler Discussion Pointer”

  1. Finished it last night and just want to thank you both for another excellent installment! (If that comment doesn’t belong on this post please feel free to delete)

  2. Am I alone if finding that the link to the spoiler blog doesn’t work??

  3. This post has a direction to the on-going spoiler discussion, with an underlined “here” – but when I click on the “here”, all I get is what appears to be an explosion symbol with an exclamation mark in it. Is there another post which I can try???

  4. Ah, I thought that since my comment was attached to the post headed “Gathering Edge Spoiler Discussion Pointer” that it would be kinda obvious where I was (failing) to link up – sorry and thanks for the link in your comment.

    If you try the link in the discussion pointer post, do you get a yellow symbol, which to my feeble eyes looks like an explosion??

  5. Nope, the link on this page returns the correct “spoiler” page for me, so — no yellow symbols. Sorry.

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