Salvage Right News!

This is a Two-Part Message.

The Uncle is shipping signed copies, er, now. We have received several reports of readers receiving their books. If you would like a signed copy of Salvage Right, which Amazon and other vendors will be releasing, UNsigned, on July 4, you may order it from the Uncle, while supplies last. We only signed a couple hundred of those — not like the Meisha Merlin days, when we were scrawling our names in upwards of 1200 books.
So! If you want a signed copy of the hardcover edition of Salvage Right, go here and order it.

The Uncle is shipping early. This means that Those Other Venues will not allow you to post a review on their sites yet. However! Goodreads will let you post a review and Baen, too. NOTE: Both of those require you to have an account.

However, if you have a webpage, a FB wall, a Twitter account, a TikTok thingy, or whatever else there is out there in the March of Technology, do please take a moment to talk about Salvage Right. Even something as simple as: “My book’s here!” and the title is good.

And remember, if you have gotten your book, read it, and want to talk about it, there’s a spoiler discussion space right here.

Thank you all for everything you do.

In case you need a graphic of the gorgeous cover art by David Mattingly to dress up your post:

7 thoughts on “Salvage Right News!”

  1. Just to let you know – this book is on Amazon as being written by a different Author (D J Butler ) Also the hardback/paperback versions are not available – this is making me reluctant to place the order as I do not know which information is correct Author? Title ?
    I have notified Amazon but they rarely respond

  2. Thank you for letting me know.

    FWIW, all I can do is stand with you in confusion. Amazon stopped listening to writers a long time ago.

    Baen is aware of the problem, and, last I heard, was “working with” That was a couple weeks ago, so all I can think is that is on holiday.

    In case it helps, you can buy the ebook directly from Baen — on July 4, which is the official release date. It does take a little finagling to get books not directly purchased from Amazon onto a kindle, but it can be done. If you’re not up for finagling, I perfectly understand.

    Hopefully this will get straightened out soon.

  3. Thanks for replying so promptly – I have all your books and will wait for the matters to be resolved to buy for my kindle but will also buy the paper copy from a local retailer

  4. Just to inform Sharon that my copy of “Salvage Right” from the Uncle arrived in the mail on Tuesday (Jun 20th) here in Canada. Apparently the Uncle shipped many pre-orders on June 9th.

    For Liaden readers that want “Salvage Right” in an eBook format before July 4th. The eARC (advance reader copy) is available online from Baen prior to July 4th at a premium. Also available as part of Baen’s July monthly eBook bundle until the end of June.

    Burton from Montreal

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