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So, let’s do a little catch-up.

1  Amazon is currently having a $.99 sale on the Kindle edition of Shout of Honor: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 29, published in May 2019.  If you have an interest, or think someone you know might have an interest, here’s the link.

Barnburner, a cozy Maine mystery by Sharon Lee, the first of two books featuring Jen Pierce, is now available as an ebook, paper book, and audiobook.  Here’s your link.

2a  Gunshy, the second Jen Pierce novel, will be along bye-n-bye, so watch the skies.

The Wrong Lance, that being the start of the novel which is NOT Accepting the Lance, is being posted, a chapter a week on Mondays.  There are 11 chapters, and Chapter Six posted this morning.  If you’d like to join the fun, you can start here.

4  I will be moderating a panel at reCONvene on August 15, time to be determined.  Panelists are: Steven Barnes, Jenn Brissett, Br Guy Consolmagno SJ, Adrian Tchaikovsky. We will be taking up the topic of Earth’s place in the future; what it may mean to be “from” Earth; and what Earth itself may look like, socially, and environmentally.  More information on reCONvene may be found here.

5  Today is Princess Jasmine Sprite’s eighth birthday.  Here’s a picture of her being patient when I interrupted her morning squirrel watch:

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Trader’s Leap signed copies

Asyouknowbob, Trader’s Leap, the twenty-third novel of the Liaden Universe® written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, will be published by Baen Books in early December 2020.

Several people have written to us, to let us know that Barnes and Noble is sending to Known Liaden Readers with the news that they are taking pre-orders of Leap — which is pro-active, and I applaud them.

We have also been asked, in light of the fact that Uncle Hugo’s was burned in the recent riots, if there would be any chance of signed editions.

We have an answer to that question, to wit!

Yes, there is a chance of signed editions.

We have spoken to Don Blyly, the man behind the Uncle, and he wants to handle the signed copies of Trader’s Leap, as he has done for manymany of our previous novels.  He needs to get some ducks in a row, and to our knowledge, he is proceeding in that endeavor.

Now, here’s where you need to not let BN, or the Internet Timewarp, raise your expectations.  Leap is due out on December 1, 2020.  Today is June 30, 2020.  Even in a normal year, the preorders through Uncle Hugo’s wouldn’t open until September.  There is time enough in the interval to wrassle ducks into at least a semblance of propriety, and if the worst happens, and the Uncle cannot find a way to handle preorders for signed copies, there will be time enough and world to pre-order from another source.

So, yeah, the key is, as it so often is :  Patience.  Waiting is.

Deep breaths.

Here, have a picture of Sprite and Belle, being calm and patient.

Splinter Universe Presents! links

This morning’s news regarding Splinter Universe Presents!

It HAS BEEN published at: Amazon, Baen, and Kobo, and Apple

It is IN THE PROCESS of publishing at  BN, and elsewhere.

The ebook edition and the paper edition at Amazon have not yet been associated; this is normal-for-Amazon at this point in the game

Sharon Lee cozies to be audiobooks

The contract has been signed, so I can now reveal that!

Barnburner and Gunshy, two cozy mysteries set in Maine written by Sharon Lee, will soon be available as audiobooks, produced by Tantor Media.

Barnburner and Gunshy were first published by SRM Publisher LTD in 2002 and 2006, respectively.  Barnburner was also published as an ebook by Embiid, in 2002.

Both books are available as ebooks, from the Usual Suspects, and as paper books from Amazon.  They concern the adventures of one Jennifer Pierce, a native of Baltimore, who has inherited her aunt’s house in Wimsy, Maine.

Sharon Lee introduces us to Wimsy, Maine…a world built with the same attention to character, story, and setting that we have long expected in the Liaden Universe® books.  Like all her books, this one is a keeper…  — Modean Moon, author of RWA RITA Award winner The Covenant


Carpe Diem Book Day!

Y’all know what today is, right?


It’s Book Day! Carpe Diem by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller in an all-new paperback edition, with brand-new cover art by David Mattingly!

Carpe Diem was the third Liaden Universe® novel EVER published, appearing. . .

First! as a Del Rey mass market original in October 1989, cover art by Stephen Hickman.

Second! as part of the three-novel compilation, Partners in Necessity, in February 2000, cover art by Michael Herring.

Third! as a mass market from Ace Books, in February 2003, cover art by Michael Herring.

Fourth! as part of two-novel compilation, The Agent Gambit, from Baen Books, in January 2011, cover art by Alan Pollack.

Fifth! as a mass market paperback from Baen Books, today, February 25 2020, cover art by David Mattingly.

That’s 31 years of active publishing life, which is pretty dern amazing.

So! Let’s raise a glass to Carpe Diem!

On a related note — today’s publication of Carpe Diem means that the First Three Books, which is All The Liaden there was for seven-or-ten years (depending on if Steve’s counting or I am) are all in print in the same format, and in stores, now. So this is the perfect time to do needy friends a favor and introduce them to Val Con, Miri, Edger, Shan, Priscilla, Mrs. Trelu, Hakan, Kem, and all the rest of the people who live in: Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, and Carpe Diem.

Eeeh-HAH, Book Day! Always exciting. Even after so many years.

Progress on paper edition of GATE

I have pushed the button in Amazon’s back room to publish the paper edition of THE GATE THAT LOCKS THE TREE: ADVENTURES IN THE LIADEN UNIVERSE® NUMBER 30, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.
Amazon will now review the book to make sure that it meets their stringent quality standards, and if it does, it will arrive on a catalog page, and be available for purchase.

Pre-orders Open: The Gate that Locks the Tree

The ebook edition of That Gate that Locks the Tree: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 30, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, is now available for preorder from:


The ebook edition will be released on Wednesday, February 19.  At that time, it will also be available from

The paper edition is delayed.  I apologize, but we have some quality control concerns which made it necessary for me to order in a paper proof, rather than relying on an electronic proof.

The Gate that Locks the Tree is an original, never-before-seen Liaden Universe® novella.

New Liaden chapbook in the works

Today is entering the corrections into the manuscript of The Gate that Locks the Tree, destined to become Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 30. As I open the manuscript, it is 16,200 words thick — that is, according to SFWA, a novelette.
The cover price for our last chapbook, Shout of Honor, Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 29 was (and is) $4.25 for ebook; $8.00 for paper. We anticipate no increases in cover prices at this time.
There is a better than 50% chance that this title will be collected at some point, into Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume Five, if  Baen is willing.
There has lately been some confusion about the honor of authors and the requirements of readers.
I will attempt to clarify.
There is no dishonor in publishing our own stories independently; we’ve been doing it since 1997 (this time).
There is no dishonor in our charging such cover price as we find good.
There is no dishonor in selling reprint rights so that a publisher may bring X-number of indie-pubbed stories into a “collected works” edition.
There is, in fact, no dishonor in trading the products of our skill for money. That’s what authors do.
There is no dishonor in purchasing books, for whatever reasons seem good to you.
There is no dishonor in declining to purchase a book for whatever reasons seem good to you.
There is no dishonor in waiting for the collection.
There is no dishonor in not caring to read shorter works.
The authors put the stories out there, as an opportunity to readers.
Readers decide whether and when they wish to take advantage of this opportunity.
I hope this helps.
And now — to work!  See y’all on the flipside.