Diviner’s Bow available for preorder

Diviner’s Bow, the 27th novel set in the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, is now available for preorder, in hardcover, from the Usual Suspects. The preorder page includes a book description, for the curious.

Long-time readers will of course recall that Baen puts the ebook edition on preorder somewhat closer to the publication date.

I am still writing Diviner’s Bow — it currently weighs in at just a squeak under 72,000 words — so I guess I’d better hop to it.

3 thoughts on “Diviner’s Bow available for preorder”

  1. Sharon,

    I love, love, love your books. They are a key and important part of my life, and have helped form both my individual and professional personas. I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping me learn the importance of honor and the value of family. Thank you from the depths of my heart.


  2. I unfortunately am forced to resort to ebooks these days, as my hands will no longer cooperate in holding a physical book for any length of time. But thanks for the title—you can be sure I’ll be watching for it!

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