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Warning:  the following may be upsetting to some folks.  It’s always a judgement call, what to tell people, and when.  Steve and I have always been as open as possible with our readers, which means that you get the good, the bad, and the sad.

That said . . .

I was scheduled to spend some time with family this week — and in fact did spend some time with family this week, just not as much and not in the way we all would have preferred to see the thing done.

It started out pretty well on Monday.  The bunch of us met up at a glass studio in Belfast, spent a couple hours doing glass art, grabbed lunch at the Nautilus, and headed out to Bar Harbor, where family was staying.  I followed them in my car.  The plan was that I would stay until Friday, and they would stay until the Friday after that.

Once we made base, vacation things — TV, games, talk — commenced.  It was while we were all standing around the kitchen, shooting bulls, as one does, when, in the middle of Making a Point, I — folded up.  The next few minutes were exciting for everybody but me. From my perspective, one second I was talking, the next, I was looking at the floor tiles and asking, “What happened?”

That was when things got exciting for me.  My prize for beeping out in the middle of a sentence was a ride in the ambulance to the island hospital, an overnight in ER, many tests, including CAT scan, MRI, blood tests, cognitive and physical/balance tests.  When I was admitted to ER, the Operating Theory was that I had suffered a posterior stroke.  By the time I was returned to the wild, on Tuesday afternoon, the thinking was divided between soft “stroke” and hard “stress.”

I also won both the coveted “no driving” and “no alcohol” awards which are mine at least until I can see my regular doctor, on July 9.

Local friends have stepped up to offer rides to my various appointments, including the Great Rook Recovery Run, and the appointment with the PCP.

So, that happened, and things — THINGS — are more or less in-hand.  I have been motivated to update my power of attorney and my will, both of which still listed Steve as the Instrument of my Intent, should I be unable to accomplish my Fell Purposes personally.

Now we come to the sad part of this narrative.  Fans of Princess Jasmine Sprite, Mousebane, Overseer of the Daffodils, will wish to know that . . . Sprite has cancer.  It’s been very aggressive, and she has just started to take pain medication, which is sorta the beginning of the end.  For the moment, she still seeks out open windows, sunspots, and laps; is generous in sharing purrs and naps, and is Doing the Rounds.  When she lets me know it’s time, I’ll be with her.

. . . and I think that’s probably enough news for one post.

Here’s a picture of Sprite.

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  1. I am so very sorry to hear about Sprite, and can only imagine the pain is magnified by your loss of Steve, and of Belle.
    Sending well wishes to you, and hopes that her final weeks or months will be as painless and joyful as possible. I am glad young Rook is joining the family; it seems to me you will be sorely in need of the joy kittens bring to a household.

  2. What an elegant being. It is sad, however absolutely believe in the ongoing ness of our essential energy so know with or for you that Steve and other furries will greet her when the time comes.

    On the other topic I vote for stress and Sprites prognosis adds more. Here is a quick “pill.” Set a timer, once an hour, take just one minute to stop, breathe all the way into your belly a few times and ask your mind to slow down just for one minute. Much longer to write than do. This will have cumulative positive effect.
    Many blessings, Carol Landry

  3. Oh I am so very sorry to hear this. You do not deserve to be dealing with all this.
    I am now sad too

  4. Sorry to hear that. I hope for the best for you. It is sad about you and Sprite. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy times with family in the future stress free in the future. Take care. From a fan since the 80’s

  5. This sounds like such a terrible, hard week/month/time. I’m so sorry, but am glad you’ve got people around to help. Not being able to drive is so hard! Sending supportive vibes…

  6. Oh Sharon. You have had a VERY full plate for months now and I see the universe is still testing your capacity. I’m so sorry to hear, both that you have more health concerns and that Miss Sprite is ill. So many challenges. I’m sending as many positive energy waves your way as I can.

  7. Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, saying prayers that it’s nothing super serious and that you get over it. Dress can do a lot of funny things to the body. Take a half hour each day just to go outside soak up some sunshine and smell the roses as they say, while you’re doing this take lots of deep breaths and tried to relax. So sorry to hear about Sprite will keep thinking about her and hoping that her last days here on Earth with you are paying free and full of love hugs and kisses from her that is I know you give them.

  8. Oh, unprintable words. You are not catching a break here!
    I’m just glad you were with people when it happened. If it is a stroke, rapid treatment is key and it sounds like that happened. Air hugs from afar, and I am so sorry about Sprite.
    I’m also glad you have local friends with wheels.
    May it turn out to be stress alone, which you have more than 3 person’s worth in abundance, and may your recovery be smooth and thorough. May Sprite continue to enjoy her life for now.
    May Rook be a positive addition to life at the Cat Farm.

  9. Oh, Sharon! What a year you’ve had so far. So hard. I’m so sorry.
    Having nursed two beloved kitties through cancer, the stress and heartache can really get to you. No wonder you fell out! I’m glad you had family around you to take care of you.
    Please do set up a legal Medical Representative and Medical Durable Power of Attorney, just in case they are needed.
    Hugs and much care to you.

  10. Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues, saying prayers that it’s nothing super serious and that you get over it. STRESS can do a lot of funny things to the body. Take a half hour each day just to go outside soak up some sunshine and smell the roses as they say, while you’re doing this take lots of deep breaths and tried to relax. So sorry to hear about Sprite will keep thinking about her and hoping that her last days here on Earth with you are paying free and full of love hugs and kisses from her that is I know you give them.

  11. All the love and hugs I can send you. You know all the Things to do, as well as the Events which have placed you under the Stress diagnosis. The best I have for you therefore, is to keep you in my thoughts.

  12. Well damnation. You are having so much laid on your shoulders to bear. It is so hard! All I can offer is caring and hoping. You are tough. It shows in the characters you create. So, as advised by someone else in these posts, breathe deep.

  13. Oh my. Sharon I’m so sorry you are having to endure such suckiness. I’m hoping you “just” have stress and not a soft stroke. And Sprite. Cancer journeys with pets are so difficult for those of us who love them. I’m sending lots of love and virtual hugs and hope that things improve for you.

  14. I am going to ask the universe to let up on you for a bit.
    Whether or not it grants the request, I send love and the highest regard for you as a cat-carer, human, and writer, in whichever order you prefer.


  15. I don’t know where to begin, except to share that I have loved living in the stories in your head for decades. Right now my own life is kind of scrambled up. The doctor I see for depression just prescribed ADHD medication for me. No idea how that will work out.
    First I really want to hug you and whisper in your ear “Hold on”. However wonderfully you have been coping with it, you are a survivor of great trauma. Given that I live in Albuquerque NM and you live in Maine, I can’t do it in person, but I offer what I can.
    Sprite’s illness is probably just the last straw for an over stressed soul. I’m so glad Rook will be joining you with kitten distractions.
    Enjoy your complex life with joy when you can. Let yourself feel what feelings come and let them pass.
    Me? I’m going to reread the adventures of some Liadens. Really out of this world. Thanks for helping me cope. I hope you get some comfort from all of your many fans ?

  16. So sorry about Sprite. We’ve had 16 cats over 50 years and it is never easy. Love them and drink in their love and store up the memories. Each one is a unique sole and we’re lucky to share time with them.

    As for your “episode” … I have a friend who lost her husband very suddenly and unexpectedly. She was coping, as sane grown-ups do and seemed to be doing pretty well or seemed to be to most of her friends and work-mates. Then one day she was in the hospital with a heart attack. After every test in the book her doctor told her there was basically nothing wrong … but some people can just succumb to heartbreak. Their system literally just breaks for awhile. Sometimes for a few days, sometimes for weeks and sometimes (like very elderly couples who die within weeks or months of each other) forever.
    My friend came home in a few days, went back to work in weeks and has never suffered anything like it again. But she still thinks she suffered a real heart attack, thank the goddess with no lasting physical damage.
    Hang in there.

  17. I am so sorry about Sprite’s diagnosis, and your scary health situation. From where I sit, you are handling this universe-piling-on unfairness with so much grace. Many thanks for updating us.

  18. Well, fardles! 2024 has not been gentle to your House. I hope your temporary temporal adjustment was only due to stress and ice cream. Please extend my sympathies to Madam Sprite.

  19. Dear Sharon, well that just sucks. Enough of the hard things in real life when you are raw and needing gentle support as you adjust. You are amazing. I’ve been a fan for so long and when I slide into your work I’m happy and relaxed. You have given so many of us great joy, we can only try to imagine holding the heal-space for you. Thank you for your honesty and sending you kind thoughts from Canberra Australia.

  20. A “soft” stroke?! I can tell you, if it’s MY stroke, it’ll be a hard one as far as I’m concerned and scary as all get out! Hopefully, the MRI showed no damage (hence, a stress diagnosis?) and THAT is gladdening.
    I’m very sorry to hear of Sprite’s illness. She will be comforted that you are with her through it all despite the raindrops you’ll be visiting upon her lovely fur.
    I hope you can feel all the love your fans feel for you.

  21. Sorry sorry sorry. Sad sad sad sometimes life just sucks! If it was me I would just go sit on the porch with a Crown and a smoke – haven’t smoked in years, but this would call for one!

  22. Sharon, I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure so much in such a short space of time. Why all of these things are happening now is a mystery to me, especially when you and your husband have given so many people such excellent books to read, and thoughts to ponder, too. You’re a kind-hearted person, grieving, and you didn’t need any more on your plate.

    Sprite looks like an awesome cat. I hope her remaining time with you will be as happy as possible. I also hope she’ll rally a little, if she’s able, so you can get better.

    Being stuck in the house for a couple of weeks is not easy for anyone. I am glad your nearby friends are helping…is it possible for one or more of them to take you for a drive? That might help a little bit. (Feeling trapped doesn’t do wonders for anyone’s health, I’ve found.)

    May the universe start giving you that break you need, so you can rest, heal, and do whatever else is needed while you grieve the loss of your wonderful husband.

  23. I read this when you posted it a few days ago, but I was just too overwhelmed to formulate a response. Well . . . I still can’t, but I do want to tell you that I’m still here with you, in my heart and in my prayers.

  24. Sharon thank you for your honesty. Cuddle Sprite. Her purrs will calm both of you. Ask a friend to take you to the beach and listen to the waves. Thank you for many years of joy in the Liaden universe.

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