Ribbon Dance Author’s Afterword

Baen neglected to publish the Author’s Afterword in the hardcover edition of Ribbon Dance.  The afterword does appear in the ebook edition and will also appear in the mass market reprint when it’s issued, next year.

The afterword has been posted, as a courtesy, here.

One thought on “Ribbon Dance Author’s Afterword”

  1. I got (and read most enjoyably) my ecopy of RIBBON DANCE and the hardcover copy is due to arrive today so I will (enjoyably) read it starting tonight. It is a bittersweet pleasure knowing all the sadness attached to this particular release but as a long time widow I can tell you it does get better. It is hard, it is slow and painful but it does get better. Comfort yourself, protect yourself, do only what you find absolutely necessary, reserving your strength for what must be done and keeping the rest to get you through the hard days and nights. You are in our thoughts.

    Anne in Virginia

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