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Today’s attempt at filing revealed that there was too much paper to fit into the Current Year file drawer, so I went downstairs and rustled up a Banker’s Box, pulled the soon-to-be-old-year files, and put them in the box, then recycled a bunch of old folders for 2011 files. Industry, of a sort.

In anticipation of the storm yet to hit, Steve and I have charged our various implements of destruction, those including Haysus the Asus; the Leewit; and both cellphones. We are, I believe, As Ready as We’re Gonna Be™.

In between doing the filing and taking a nap (waiting for snowpocalypse is hard!), I wrote a couple words.

And now I’m going to go find a glass of wine and a sammich.


Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
16,671 words/100,000 OR 16.67% complete

The three streeters were sadly familiar — Hank Regis, with his right hand in a splint; Mort Almonte, with his nose at a funny angle; and Danny Bell, swearing and sweating while the tech took stitches up a long, deep cut in his arm. By rights, there should’ve been two more, but maybe Parfil and Dwight had got lucky.

Weather on the way

Quiet day here at the Cat Farm, segueing into a quiet evening.

Party animals that they are, the Weatherbeans have called a Blizzard Watch from Sunday evening through Monday afternoon with projected accumulations of 12 inches or more.  This would actually be Perfectly Fine by me, though I forgot to buy cocoa during any of our numerous recent trips to the grocery store.  Unfortunately, we  have someplace to be Monday, mid-morning.  On the gripping hand, if there’s 12 inches of snow between everyone in Central Maine and the ground, I’m guessing they’ll reschedule.

I hope everyone had a pleasant and relaxing Saturday of whichever flavor you like, and that you remembered to tell someone you love how much they mean to you.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
14,562 words/100,000 OR 14.56% complete

“Your pardon, luthia,” Vylet gasped. “The gadje has a number of breaths left in him. Udari thinks — eight.”

Interim report

Went to breakfast, the grocery store; stopped at the post office where several surprises awaited us, including a fine set of cat cookie cutters for Steve.

We visited various folks around town, remembered this time to get handmade fragrant soap at Barrels (and bagels! and apple butter!  and pumpkin butter!) and so to home, where bean soup and sweet potato fries were had for lunch, and some nigs and nub-ends of chores were completed.  There’s dishes to do, and the cat fountain to disassemble and clean, and then I believe. . .yes.  I do believe we’ll take a couple hours off.

Steve and I both have a new pair of slippers (ahhhh, new slippers), and a toy.  Each of us also has received a pair of power gloves from a kind friend.  Also, I was given in proxy for Kate a Google sweatshirt, to replace hers, ruined by ‘gaster blood.


I hope everybody is having a lovely day and will have a lovely weekend, whether simple day or holiday.

There’s no escape from the music in the whole damn’ street


I sometimes think I ought to write a non-fiction book about the day-job.

And then I think, “Nah. Nobody’d believe you.”

It snowed today, very prettily, but to no great effect.  Forecasts are for a maximum of three inches accumulation.  Still, we ought now to have snow on the ground for the holiday.

I didn’t write nearly so many words this evening, given various horrifying stupidities elsewhere, but I’m pleased with the words I did write, and some forward motion is better than none.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
11,822 words/100,000 OR 11.82% complete

“It happens that I was working, but I must claim you for my rescue, for I believe I have been working far too long this day.” That style was a little forward of his current ability, she thought — but see what he made of it.

Slow day, with snow

Slow at the day-job; two faculty members in, and closeted with grading.  One in by eight and out by eight-ten, wishing me a good holiday as they went past my door.

I read, and thought about George, and made some notes on George.  On the way home, I picked up a bottle of Magic Pink Stuff for Hexapuma who, on top of Everything Else, has caught a cold.  I stopped at the post office.  I came home.

Is fascinating, nu?

Once home, I sat down at the desk and wrote 2,029 words straight through.  Now, I have dishes to do and cat boxes to clean, and dinner.  Mustn’t forget dinner.

It did snow today, a small amount, very wet, which then turned to rain and washed itself away.  Ah, well.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
10,830 words/100,000 OR 10.83% complete

The delm would not speak to him in the Low Tongue — that was for kin, for friends, and for agemates. That being so, then it was not the delm, but Cousin Miri whom he faced.

He was not altogether sure that was better.

Commercial break

This is a combination holiday! gift! post and an author! pimping! for! votes! post. Those who are not interested in these activities should certainly feel free to move on.

Books make wonderful presents
…this is true the year round, of course, for all occasions or for no reason at all. Nothing says I Love You More Than a Clean Living Room like the gift of a book.

For those who are giving (or receiving) a Kindle, Nook, Sony, Ipad, Android or any other of a head-swimming number of devices capable of reading ebooks, remember that an ebook reader is only half the present. The other half is: Something Excellent to read — and this is where I am uniquely placed to help you.

All published Lee and Miller, and Lee, novels, as well as some number of the short stories, are available for your ebook-reading device from Baen Webscriptions. Here’s your link. If you’d like a taste, first, sample chapters are posted for each book. While you’re over there at Webscriptions, take a look at the other titles on offer — lots of stuff to read there, and very reasonably priced, too!

Also! Sharon Lee’s first two Jenn Pierce mysteries, set in Wimsy, Maine are available electronically from Fictionwise. You can shop for them here.

But wait, there’s more!
Does someone on your list dote on audiobooks? Carousel Tides and Local Custom are available from You may listen to a sample of each on the page before you commit to a purchase.

Signed paper books
Probably too late to order from these wonderful vendors for a Christmas Day bestowing, but perfect for January birthdays — signed Lee and Miller, and Lee, novels and short story collections.

Ellen Richmond, Children’s Book Cellar, 207.872.4543 kidsbookscellarATmyfairpointDOTnet (where AT and DOT replace The Usual) — Lee and Miller titles, and Carousel Tides.

Jeanne Peterson Kamfonik, Beggar’s Ride Studio and Gallery, 207.937.2673, or request on — Carousel Tides only

Remember to check out the book lists at “Whatever, and But Enough About Me!

…here ends the gift-giving portion of our Commercial Break.  Everybody take a deep breath.  Ready?  Here we go on to the next bit!


As mentioned earlier in the month, Saltation is a finalist for a 2010 Goodreads Choice Award in the category of Science Fiction. You must be a member of Goodreads to vote (I am assured that this is a relatively painless operation). If you would like to vote for Theo, who is up against some Very Tough Competition, Indeed, here’s your link

There are also a good many other worthy books nominated in other categories, so you might want to take a look around, while you’re over at Goodreads. Voting continues until the end of December; winners in all categories announced on Janaury 5, 2011.



That’s it; commercial’s over. Thank you for your patience and support.

The revenge of the errands

We were going to stay in today, straighten the house, bake cookies, put up the tree*. But we were out of Important Liquids and I wanted to check the post office box, and it was a sunny day, if a thought nippy, and Steve said he’d come with me, and so. . .

First stop, Agway, to take on Necessary Cat Items, and a mouse with a Certified Mouse Squeak, and! (this is the kicker) its eyes light up.  Perfect for the cat on your holiday shopping list.

That done, we went across the river, and the real fun began.

At the post office was the cover art for Carousel Tides, straight from artist Eric L. Williams** (yes, it says Dominic Harman on the inside of the book — printer’s error). It’s an absolutely gorgeous print on canvas — you’d swear it was an oil painting — and Amy will be seeing me on Monday so we can discuss frames.

From the post office to the redemption center, where we off-loaded twelve bucks’ worth of returnables; and thence to the shopping mecca that is Elm Plaza.

We lucked into a parking space, failed to find cookie cutters in Kmart, signed stock at Mr. Paperback where — surprise! — there actually was stock — then leapt into the fray at Hannaford.

An hour and a half later, we were loading Argent the Forester with a most impressive array of bags.  Steve cleverly got us out of the parking lot by the back door; avoided a traffic jam by making turn into Arby’s, where we  on-loaded a pair of Reuben sandwiches (mmmm Reuben), which we took home.  After the groceries were put away and the sandwiches consumed, we found ourselves exhausted by our efforts, and succumbed to a Nap Attack, ably spotted by Mozart.

Cookies are on the bake as I type and I’ve straightened the living room.  The tree will wait until tomorrow, as will the laundry, and (sigh) the dishes.

In its way, a festive and unexpected day.

And hoping yours was the same.
*This would be the ceramic tree that Steve’s mother gave us 30 years or so ago.

**Eric has said that he will happily fill orders for Carousel Tides prints. Contact him from his webpage (there’s a button under the eyeball.

Books read in 2010

Murder on the Ballarat Train, Kerry Greenwood
Flying too High, Kerry Greenwood
Cocaine Blues, Kerry Greenwood
Black Ships, Jo Graham
Get Real, Donald E. Westlake
The Messenger, Jan Burke
Rumpole Misbehaves, John Mortimer
Strange Bedpersons, Jennifer Crusie
Shinju, Laura Joh Rowland
A Matter of Class, Mary Balogh
Chill, Elizabeth Bear
The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff
Ghost Ship, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Merchanter’s Luck, C.J. Cherryh (reread)
Mr. Monster, Dan Wells
Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
I Am Not a Serial Killer, Dan Wells
Deceiver, C.J.Cherryh
Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Helen Simonson
Half Magic, Edward Eager
Unknown, Rachel Caine
The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
Sunshine, Robin McKinley
Bone Crossed, Patricia Briggs
‘Till We Have Faces, C.S. Lewis
The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Setterfield
The Ten-Cent Plague, David Hajdu
Bridge of Birds, Barry Hughart (reread)

FIVE more days. . .

. . .until winter break.

Been doing a lot of necessary things that aren’t writing on my off time — sewing on buttons is notable. Man, what a hoot. You’d never believe I used to make all my own clothes.

. . .which reminds me that I wanted to do a post about Before and After — but not tonight.

Tonight, I wrote some requested copy, then sat down for a few minutes with George.

Progress on The Book Presently Known as George:
7,584 words/100,000 OR 7.58% complete

What I know is what my gran told me, one night when she was out as shouldn’t’ve been, and her no more’n knee-high to a snowflake.