Two views of Mount Washington

So this morning, Madame Belle went to the vet for her three-year rabies shot and her chip.  She has gained about a pound since last year; retirement agrees with her.  The mail was in the box when we came home, and I regret to report that the check still wanders the postal pathways between New York and Maine.  *pats checkbook reassuringly*

In other news, I seem to have caught a cold, which is. . .not perfect timing.  Am drinking tea with honey and will shortly take a nap, following Belle’s example.  She’s currently resting her nerves on the bookshelf next to my desk.

In other news, below are two shots of Mount Washington from the parking lot at Pine Point, yesterday, right around one o’clock.

Mount Washington from Pine Point 1 Apr 21 2016

Mount Washington from Pine Point 2 Close up Apr 21 2016

2 thoughts on “Two views of Mount Washington”

  1. I have never seen it from more than across the valley; it always seems to be hiding behind clouds and gloom whenever I look. sigh. TANK YOU for sharing the picture as proof that it CAN be seen further afield!

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