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Chicks in Tank Tops, edited by Jason Cordova, including a whole buncha stories by a whole buncha swell writers, including Esther Friesner, Joelle Presby, David Drake, Jody Lynn Nye, Lee & Miller, and more! is now available as an audiobook.  Here’s your link.

And as if that weren’t exciting enough, you may now preorder from your favorite vendor, Last Train Outta Kepler 283C, edited by David Boop.  Check out the table of contents:

David Boop, Introduction
Kevin Ikenberry, Time Marches On
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Last Train to Clarkesville
Kelli Fitzpatrick, The Rogue Tractor of Sunshine Gulch
David Mack, Living by the Sword
M. Tod Gallowglas, The Ballad of the Junk Heap Man and Mistress Bullet
Dr. Chesya Burke, This World Belongs to Monsters
John Stith, Jasper and the Mare
D.J. Butler, Support Your Local Audit Chief
Lezli Robyn, Grace Under Fire
Christopher Smith, Last Transport to Kepler-283c
David Afsharirad, The Double R Bar Ranch On Alpha Centuri 5
Mel Todd, Not My Problem
Mark L. Van Name, Enjoy Every Sandwich

Here’s the Amazon preorder link

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