In which 42 is the answer

Where on earth has the woman been again? you ask.

Welp.  Avoiding the news, if you will have it.  Also — page proofs for the anniversary edition of Scout’s Progress landed and I’ve been going over those.  Finished Monday night and passed them to Steve for his go-over.

I managed to finally get the five boxes of “our papers” into a UPS truck — no thanks to UPS — and on their way to Northern Illinois University, where resides the Lee-and-Miller Archive, about which A Word.

At the NIU Rare Books and Special Collections Library, there is a corner reserved for the papers of SFWA members (that’s the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).  Steve and I being SFWA members, we have the right to increase the amount of paper held in that collection.  So, there’s a Big Pile called SFWA under which there are separate piles by Author.  Our papers will be available for public viewing on January 1, 2024.  No, this does not mean that you can walk in and start taking papers out of boxes.  Those interested will need to interface with Special Collections staff in order to view the materials.

So, that’s how that works.

What else?  Oh!  Steve and I celebrated the 42nd anniversary of Doing the Legal with a very nice Italian dinner at Amici Cucina.  In further celebration of the day, I have a new mechanical clock (this makes number four in the house.  We may have a clock problem.).  It’s a very nice, reserved little Wythe Barrister shelf clock modeled on a design from colonial Williamsburg.

In other happy news, the D(elivery) and A(cceptance) money arrived from the publisher, and! the Jan-Jun 2022 eroyalties.  Those being the last substantial payments we expect this year, unless we get hit with a film option, which we don’t expect and neither should you.

As previously advertised, we have two books up for preorder.

In chronological order, these are!

From Every Storm:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 35 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  Included are two reprints, WSFA award nominee “Standing Orders,” “From Every Storm a Rainbow,” and original story, “Songs of the Fathers.”  You may preorder from your favorite bookstore.  Be aware that this is not the case if your favorite bookstore is Baen, which will have the book for sale on November 23, Release Day.

Also up for pre-order is Salvage Right, the 25th novel set in the Liaden Universe®, also by happy coincidence authored by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.  Salvage Right will be published on July 4th, 2023, and at the moment only the hardcover is available for preorder, from, again, All the Usual Suspects.

Now that Things have mostly settled down, I will again be getting back to the Redlands novel, and trying not to think too hard about my cataract surgery, upcoming in the first two weeks in December.

So, that’s where I’ve been, and what I’ve been doing.

To sum up:  We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory are busy and mostly happy.

And hoping you’re the same.


3 thoughts on “In which 42 is the answer”

  1. Looking forward to the new stories! Thank you so very much for writing them.
    Having had cataract surgery on both eyes, I can tell you it’s very easy and low stress. In fact, I found the first time quite interesting as the surgeon was happy explain what he was doing whilst doing it. Second time, he was in a bit of a rush, I think, and didn’t talk much. The best part, however, was opening my eyes and being able to see! Clearly! After a couple months, my vision settled to slightly less than the stellar vision immediately after surgery, but it is still so much better than before.

  2. Many people have assured me that the surgery is no big deal. However, the surgeon has promised me the Good Drugs. I do look forward to being safe to drive again. I am not looking forward to Stuff between Now and Then. Even with the promise of the Good Drugs.

  3. It really is a blessing to see better (and drive better) after cataract surgery. Have preordered both new works. Congrats on 42 years together!

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