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“Eight Mile and the City,” by Steven Harper, published in When Worlds Collide, Zombies Need Brains LLC (2021), won the 2022 WSFA Small Press Award, presented last evening at CapClave.

Congratulations to Steven and to ZNB’s publisher Joshua Palmatier.  You may read the rest of the complete awards story at File770

Here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, we continue to live the halcyon lives of working writers.  Steve continues to spar with Jethri, while I run interference between the Master Trader’s trade team and The Redlands.  Also on-going is packing up some of our so-called “papers” for shipment to the Lee-and-Miller archive at Northern Illinois University.

We also need to start thinking about our story for Solar Flare, due to editor Joshua Palmatier in December.

Last week was slightly interrupted by medical concerns, involving blood panels, xrays, and various whatnot in order to give the doctors their Data.  Data now mostly in, it seems that things are in basically good shape, but a visit with the cardiologist is upcoming in order to file off the rough edges.

What with One Thing and Something Else, we realized that Pinbeam Books (the Lee-Miller indie publishing arm) hasn’t put out even one chapbook in 2022 (the energy that would have gone into a chapbook or even two went instead into surprise book, Salvage Right, coming to a bookstore near you in 2023).

However!  We do intend to publish a Yule Chapbook this year — Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 35: TITLE TBA.  This chapbook will contain two reprints:  WSFA Small Press Award Finalist “Standing Orders,” and “From Every Storm a Rainbow,” which appeared on December 2021 – January 2022; and! one never-published work concerning the life and times of Lomar Fasholt, who has been missing for some time, to the great concern of her friends.

More news on that project as we move forward.

Those who indulge may purchase the eARC of Chicks in Tank Tops from Baen Books.  Or!  You may preorder it from the bookstore of your choice for a January delivery.

. . . and I think that’s all the news for right now.

Everybody stay safe.

6 thoughts on “News from the metaverse”

  1. January delivery? Sounds like a much-needed boost after the holidays! I’m mostly grieving that too many cons have gone by and I didn’t get there! But friends with cameras have lightened the darkness, and I thank them; and my granddaughters have become con-going fans!
    Be well, don’t let those noisy medical machines intimidate you, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at a book-signing!

  2. More books coming is good news!
    I’m slowly switching to audiobooks as my eyes grow olfer and more tired, and have just enjoyed listening to the first two books about Jethri. I read the third when it came out, so now I went looking for the audiobook of Fair Trade. The latest news I could find on that is from April 2022, and said that the person responsible for those contracts was working on it.
    Have you heard anything about that, is there any progress on those contracts?
    I’m not sure where else I might ask, so I hope you don’t mind that I ask the question here.

    I’m glad there will be another Jethri book coming, I’m really enjoying his story and the way he is growing.
    I also really liked the Redlands, and Shan and Priscilla, so I’m glad the stories around the Dutiful Passage and the Redlands are continuing as well.

  3. I’m not sure where to ask, either.

    The last we have from the person at Baen responsible for dealing with audiobooks is that they had returned the contract, our book was now Audible’s problem; we should be hearing from them soon. That was in early July, and what we’ve heard is — crickets.

    And, yanno. You get tired after a while, and I’m afraid I’m tired. There is literally nothing I can do to move the process along, if, indeed, there is a process to move along.

    I hope there’s an audibook edition of Fair Trade coming sometime soon, but I can’t give any more reassurance than that. I’m sorry.

  4. Thanks so much for answering.
    I think I’ll try to find an email address for the Audible customer service and send them an email asking after their progress.

    Meanwhile, I am now enjoying the audiobook of the first Liaden Universe Constellation, knowing that the next three are already queued up for my continued listening pleasure.

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