Procrastinators take note!

In six days (US), it will be May 3.

Why do you care?

Because on that day, Fair Trade by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 24th novel set in their Liaden Universe®, will be published!

You are encouraged to take any — or all! — of the following actions before May 3.

1   Preorder the ebook from the vendor of your choice, and start May 3 with that little happy thrill you get when you see a new book has downloaded to your ereader.

2   Preorder a signed hardcover from Uncle Hugo’s.

3   Preorder a hardcover from the bookstore of your choice.

4   Block out time to read Fair Trade, and make sure there’s plenty of food in the fridge, favorite beverages and snacks on-hand, because once you start reading, you won’t want to stop.

Fair Trader cover art by David Mattingly


4 thoughts on “Procrastinators take note!”

  1. Possible additions to the list.
    Reread the books about Jethri before Fair Trade.
    If you can’t remember the names, start looking for all your books in this series, because you will probably want to reread them all anyhow.
    Or consult the internet
    Balance of Trade- young Jethri, looking for his way in life.
    Trade Secret- a little older, has a new family and a path.
    This is looking like a review. I’ll see what I can do

  2. I am a Happy Happy reader for some reason Barnes and Noble mailed my book out and I received it Monday and finished last night. Thanks for another great read. Now just anxious for the nest installment in Jethri’s life. So glad it will be coming in 2023.
    I was also rereading Dragon Ship which mentioned both Arin and Jethri.

  3. I did a re-read of the Jethri books recently to prepare for the coming of Fair Trade and I’m really looking forward to staying up way too late reading next Tuesday!

  4. “Out of True” (short story, splinter?) must be included on the reading list for backstory of the ship Dulcimer, Squithen and Klay Smith, a troupe of norbears on the planet Thakaran.
    It is on the Baen website, 2013, Cultivar vol. 25 Adventures and Constellation III.
    Also, Dulcimer’ rented rack of tools plays a part in Trade Secret, Port Chavvy chapter 26.
    Just in case people are looking

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