Fair Trade, the 24th Liaden Universe® novel

Fair Trade, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 24th novel set in the Liaden Universe®, a space opera geography of their own devising will be published on May 3.

What, you may ask, does this mean?

I will tell you.

It means that on May 3, the book will be simultaneously published as a hardcover and an ebook, and you — yes, you! — will able to buy it at the vendor of your choice.

Before May 3, you may:

1   Preorder the hardcover from the bookseller of your choice

1a  If you want a SIGNED copy of the hardcover, you may preorder it from Uncle Hugo’s onlyHere’s your link.

2   You may preorder the ebook edition of Fair Trade from Amazon, BN, and other ebook vendors.

None of the above precludes any of the others.  They exist simultaneously in time, space, and probability.

For those who consume audiobooks:  No audiobook edition of Fair Trade has been scheduled.  The person responsible for these negotiations tells us he’s working on it.

And that’s the entire contents of my head regarding Fair Trade, except, yanno — buy it, enjoy it, tell your friends!


One thought on “Fair Trade, the 24th Liaden Universe® novel”

  1. I received a notice from Barnes and Noble that my copy of Fair Trade was shipped. I’m in Alabama so no telling when I will get it.

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