Anything can happen day

We had a small but boisterous thunderstorm on the overnight, which knocked out the power just long enough to be irritating.

Today is, indeed, Anything Can Happen Day, and all I’m saying is — it better.  Or, wait.  Maybe I mean EVERYTHING Can Happen.  I think that’s closer.

The To-Do List includes:

*Reading Trader’s Leap mass market proofs (which landed yesterday; correx due end of June)
*Renewing the Hummer Bars (three Hummer Bars. I think I’d better stop, now.)
*Do the laundry
*Continue work on contracted short story, working title “Gadreel’s Folly” (mid-July target date)
*Continue work on novel (due end of June)
*The mandatory walk and exercise regime

I’d briefly considered going over to Winslow and stopping at the Spiro’s Gyros food truck for lunch, but that might need to wait until, oh, tomorrow, when I have to visit the vampyres, anyway.

Yesterday, was Echocardiogram and EKG Day.  Now waiting for those results.  We also stopped at the grocery store and I had a haircut in the afternoon.  That was Interesting, though possibly not for the reason you may imagine.  In the space of those three events, I moved from an environment where everyone was masked, to an environment where employees were masked, and customers who had not been vaccinated were asked to be masked (and where one maskless guy tried to pick a fight with Steve about masks, but missed), to the the place where I get my hair cut which was packed and I was the only one wearing a mask*.

It’s been Wicked Hot here in Central Maine over the last few days — I think we cracked 100F/38C on Monday; yesterday was merely 88F/31; and today the weatherbeans are calling for a balmy 85F/29C.  I, myself, am living for Friday, when the high temp is predicted to be 66F/19C.

Presently, I have two coon cat supervisors, while Steve makes do with one.

And that’s how the day’s getting underway, here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

Y’all stay safe.

Today’s blog title brought to you by the Mickey Mouse Club which was on network television around 1958/1959.  Here’s your link.

*Yes, yes, I’m still wearing a mask, even though I’m vaccinated and all.  Doctor’s orders are to pretend I haven’t been vaccinated and the masking orders have never been dropped. This is because I’m a cancer patient (aka a person whose immune system has been purposefully repressed) and there’s some concern that the vaccine is not 100%, or even, yanno, 87% effective in that population.

4 thoughts on “Anything can happen day”

  1. Some time ago I read about UV light being used to kill germs/bacteria. I just wish it was available soon. I have been vaccinated but carry a mask to use if I enter a place requiring one or think others would be uncomfortable if I didn’t have one on. I am more concerned about the effect on someone being active who has breathing problems or a heart condition. I am so tired of the wrong/right information being available. My oldest son who reads a lot of science stuff on the internet is concerned that we will all be needing a vaccination every year as the vaccine targets one specific protein rather than being a scatter shot like flu vaccine. So many people want instant answers and I think this is going to be an on going problem. He and I are a little afraid we were all told not to use hydrocloriquin (sp) as a preventive (would cost about 10 cents a day vs millions by big pharma for vaccines. Just venting. My husband just an ekg and turns out he had a small heart attack and was told by the doctor right then so think if you had a big problem the doctor would have told you. I hope everything is okay.

  2. And as it turns out, the doctor just called. All fine with the heart, no vegetation (who knew THAT was a thing?) on the valves. So, yay.

    There are little UV devices you can get now to de-germ things. Um….here’s one:

    Trouble being that there’s Discussion about whether or not they kill the SARS virus. I keep looking at them, in the Spirit of Can’t Hurt, Might Help, but I haven’t gotten one yet, either.

  3. I am fully vaccinated (have been since February) but I still wear a mask when out and about, no matter what the local regulations require. It’s cheap and easy protection for all concerned and I just don’t understand the strident “but you’re interfering with my rights” diatribes people spout reflexively. I have the right to keep myself as healthy as I can. I’m 78 and hope to make 79 in spite of recently having a heart attack and two stents and if wearing a mask and washing my hands frequently helps in that goal you betcha I’ll stick to my routine. That’s MY right.

    Anne in Virginia

  4. Really glad everything with the doctor is good. You seem to be making such an effort with diet and exercise it only seems fair it would be rewarded. Thanks for the info on the UV light. $59.00 is a little steep but one of my daughter-in-laws is very anxious about germs so might be a good Christmas gift.

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