One thing I think you should know…

Monday again.

Steve made us some splendid scrambled eggs with potato for breakfast.

We decided on a cover image for the next Liaden Universe® chapbook (#33!) and I did the layout, because apparently doing layout is more beguiling than cleaning off my desk so I can get back with the novel and write 8,000 words this morning.

I’ve also decided on the contents for chapbook #34, but that has to wait until I finish writing “Our Lady of Benevolence,” which really will be after pay copy is turned in.

Supposed to rain today, which will be nice if it actually materializes. In any case, it’s much cooler, and more in line with a Maine June, and if we don’t see 90F/32C for the rest of the summer, that will be fine by me.

Yesterday, yes, Sunday, I took delivery of three Hays LED “neon” tubes for my office, and last night I set up the two yellow tubes. They are BRIGHT! Which is a feature. Gonna change the Whole Look of my office during the winter months. I still haven’t figures out a place for the third tube — allegedly “warm white” — but I’ll figure it out, eventually.

In other news, I finished reading the proofs of the Trader’s Leap mass market edition, coming to a bookstore near you at the end of September, and I daily expect the proofs for the new mmp edition of Local Custom, which will be in bookstores at the end of November.

May I just say that Trader’s Leap really is a very good book?  I’m extremely fond of it on a number of levels.

Next up is getting back with the Jethri novel in progress. Right after I clean off my desk.

And that’s the news that’s fit to print. Oh, hey, here’s the cover for the next chapbook — just a tease; we’ll let you know when you can order it.

Today’s blog title brought to you by Fleetwood Mac.  Yes, again.  Here’s your link.

One thought on “One thing I think you should know…”

  1. Hi Sharon,
    Tom & Becky here. We’re transplanted Mainers down in Florida. Not snowbirds, though, as we’ve been here for almost thirty years. (Tom from Fryeburg and Becky from Farmington)We just wanted to say that we loved Trader’s Leap (Not surprising as we have loved all your Liaden adventures). Please keep them coming! Hope you and Steve have a great Maine Summer!

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