I got nothin’ but love for you

Towels washed, now drying. Blankie run made, cat towels and throws now washing. The curtains in my office are CLOSED against the nice sunshine, because the weatherbeans are calling 95F today *and* have issued a Heat Advisory until 8 pm. I did…something…to my ankle, so will be typing with my foot up. Yes, it’s All About the Derring-Do. Tomorrow at ohmyghod in the morning, I have an appointment with the cardiologist, which will be new, but I hope not exciting. And I still have that story to finish. There is Mystery Soup from the back of the freezer for lunch, with a salad. Trooper has moved his operations to the jetpac next to my desk, and Sprite is curled up in the sun spotlight from the clerestory window, which dramatically lights the cedar chest. Belle is allowing Steve to brush her.


. . .and I think that’s it from the Confusion Factory.

How’s it going at your house?

Today’s blog post brought to you by! Fleetwood Mac:  Monday Morning.  Here’s your link.

2 thoughts on “I got nothin’ but love for you”

  1. Hope that your tomorrow is incredibly boring! In the high 80s here on the southern coast of Belize. Perfectly comfortable if I can remain stationary near the influence of the twirling ceiling fan. Sadly, no cats to keep me company although the dog is doing her best. Later this summer solar powered AC will be installed!

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