Change State available for pre-order at Amazon

CHANGE STATE: ADVENTURES IN THE LIADEN UNIVERSE® NUMBER 32, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller includes two stories, reprint Command Decision and brand-new Dead Men Dream. This chapbook is published by Pinbeam Books, aka the Lee-and-Miller indie publishing arm.
Release date is March 15.
The files have been sent and should be available for preorder from all the Usual Suspects.  Amazon already has a page up.  Here’s that link.
Yes, you will be able to purchase this book from, on the release date — March 15.
Yes, there will be a paper edition. I’ll try to hit as close to March 15 as I can, but that’s on the knees of Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Change State available for pre-order at Amazon”

  1. Ordered the ebook edition of CHANGE STATE first thing this morning. Will order the paper version as soon as that goes online too. Very excited.

    Anne in Virginia

  2. ALERT, ALERT! Just went to Amazon and found that you can now order CHANGE STATE in the paper version and delivery date is listed for 3 March 2021. Oh frabjous day. Of course i quickly placed my order in case they somehow change their minds.

    Anne in Virginia

  3. Addendum: now the Kindle site says CHANGE STATE will be available in Kindle on the 4th of March.

    Anne in Virginia

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