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Yesterday, Steve and I broke loose and went down to Old Orchard Beach.  The sea was green and cream, and busy when we hit the beach at just a few minutes til high tide.  We walked the beach for half an hour, then took a small walking tour of the town before getting back in the car and taking the long way home.  The car, purchased in October, now has over 1,200 miles on it — a milestone!

I am scheduled for my first Covid shot on Wednesday; Steve is scheduled for his second shot on Thursday.  My second shot is scheduled for March 24.  So, that’s all in train.

The accountant has finished with the taxes, and it’s pleasant to find that we owe nothing, and in fact have tiny payment overages which have been set against this year’s quarterly payments.

Because of Circumstances, the pre-order period for Change State:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 32 has been cut from March 15 to March 4.  This means that your pre-ordered ebook will automagically appear in/on your Kindle/app on Thursday (that’s this week!).  Baen will publish the ebook on March 4, as well.

The paper edition of Change State is now available for order from Amazon onlyHere’s your link.

If you prefer to order ebooks from vendors other than Amazon or Baen, assume that the books are working through those various systems.

Steve and I will be panelists at the virtual MarsCon, March 12-14.  Here’s the schedule.  Hope to see you there!

It’s a grey and rainy day here in the center of Maine.  The coon cats are rising to the challenge.

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  1. Got my first Moderna shot Feb 8 & was somewhat disappointed at the LACK of side effects. My shingles shot gave me a knot in my arm for about a day – my Moderna, well, next day I felt a kinda gentle stiffness for all of about a second during 2 arm movements. I rode my bicycle day of shot & next day. Of course, those with experience say “Oh but wait ’til the booster, buster!”

    Anyways, hope your shot’s side effects are no worse than mine!

    Cheers, Bob

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