Shout of Honor Release Day!

Today is the day!  For those who resisted the Lure of the Pre-Order, you may now purchase Shout of Honor: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 29, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller from your favorite online vendors.

Below is a partial list of links:
Baen eBooks
Universal Link to online stores

Paper edition available only from Amazon

Steve and I hope you enjoy this newest installment in our thirty-one year labor of love.

2 thoughts on “Shout of Honor Release Day!”

  1. So, typing “shout of honor” into Baen’s search box didn’t immediately bring it up. Being an enterprising soul I clicked on “Publisher” then “Pinbeam” & there it was.

    Now I have to go find my credit card for it’s CCV number since I don’t have it memorized. That means I have to put my laptop (literally on my lap) onto the hassock (remember that word? aka ottoman aka foot stool), lurch myself to my feet, wander about the house searching for my wallet, ooohhh the trials one must endure…:-)

    Then I get to repeat this sort of thing for the Accepting… eARC if it ever comes up…

    Cheers, Bob

    PS All in good fun!

  2. I just finished reading it, it’s fun and interesting to get a look at how the Yxtrang ambassador is doing.
    I’m seeing hints of DoI involvement, though I might be mistaken…
    Now I’m wondering about what would happen if he were ever to meet up with Korval themselves.

    Thank you for bringing us this side glimpse into the Liaden Universe, I enjoyed reading it. The pre-order function was useful too, as I could order it when your message alerted me to its existence, and then on the day it was released I got the message in my mail.
    For me, that works better than having to remember a book I want will be available in a month or so, and tgen remember to search for it when it should be out.
    Kobo doesn’t let us Europeans pre-order stuff that’s still many months from publication, but your timing on this was excellent and it worked just fine. Thank you!

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