Reminders and a Call for Assistance

This is in the nature of a catch-up and reminder post.

A.  Order your signed and/or personalized copy of Alliance of Equals:  Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis is now accepting pre-orders for signed and/or personalized copies of Lee and Miller’s 19th Liaden Universe® novel, Alliance of Equals, which will be published in July.  There is a deadline for pre-ordering personalized books (where “personalized” means the authors, in addition to their signatures, write something specifically requested by the person buying the book).  That deadline is June 1Here’s your link.

B. Liaden Universe® Store at OffWorld Design:  Coffee mugs, denim shirts, t-shirts, polos!  New colors and items have been added, just in time for spring!  Here’s your link.

C. The eARC of Alliance of Equals is now on sale at  Here’s your link.

D. For those who have read Alliance and want to talk about it, there’s a spoiler discussion here.

Author Requests Assistance

Related to Point Number C, above:   The page proofs for Alliance of Equals landed here at the Confusion Factory.  It is apparent that the original manuscript was, ah, copy-edited with a very light hand.  So!  If you have the eARC, and notice errors, or things that seem like errors, please drop me a note at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom.  I will need chapter, page number and some of the text surrounding the error, so that I can find it.  Everyone assisting with this project will be thanked on the Acknowledgements Page in Alliance.  This is a matter of some little urgency, since the corrected pages need to be back at Baen Galactic Headquarters on April 12, which means they must leave Maine no later than April 11.

In other news, and in addition to proofing Alliance, Steve and I are still working on The Gathering Edge, which is due realsoonnow, and!  we have a short story due on May 15.

We’ll be writer guests of honor at RavenCon, in Williamsburg, Virginia, April 29-May 1, which con kicks off a summer of travel, including attending the Maine Democratic Convention as delegates for our town, the weekend we return from RavenCon; attending BaltiCon as returning guests of honor for their Fiftieth Anniversary Bash; doing a mini-book tour in support of Alliance, and! traveling to Wichita, and Kansas City.

Our full schedule, insofar as it is presently known, can be found here.

Thanks for listening, for reading, and for all that you do.  Here, have a picture of Trooper and Belle, ignoring each other.

Mutual Ignoring Society Mar 29 2016

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  1. I don’t think they’re ignoring each other. I think they’re just spreadin’ the FLOOF around! ?

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