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So, I’m doodling along with the page proofs for Alliance of Equals, which has a nice, long turnaround time of three weeks from time of receipt.  For which I am truly grateful, because that gives us time to Pay Really Good Attention to the script and not have to Push On! despite one’s brain hurting, and eyes crossing, because Deadline.

So far (I’ve just finished page 79, or seven chapters, or 22%), it’s been pretty clean, but there have been some really strange copy editing decisions made, which has prompted me to keep the submission copy of Alliance open on the screen, so I can double-check stuff, and put it back the way it ought to be, when needed.

One of the strangest decisions was the treatment of master trader in a situation where Shan is trying to decide from which melant’i he ought to approach a knotty social problem.  Ought he to come the father? Or ought he speak as master trader?

The copy editor in the above case decided to put master trader in. . .quotes.  Mind you, they didn’t likewise put father in quotes, which would have been just as wrong but at least consistent.  But. . .

Shan does not think of himself as “master trader.”  Putting master trader in quotes in that particular instance Completely Negates melant’i, as we’ve built it and refined it over 19 novels and lots of short stories.  Shan thinks of himself as Shan.  Shan has various life roles assigned to him — father, master trader, master pilot, brother, lifemate, thodelm — and so on.  These roles, to a Liaden, are real, they are, in a peculiar and important way, living.  Liadens are, according to their own culture, not one, but many, and this is codified (as distinct from, say, US culture, where we are many, but we pretend that we’re not).

Having Shan think of the “master trader” in the instance above is so wrong, that I actually felt a little nauseous, seeing it there.

It’s fixed now, but — phew.  Close one.

Moving onward now to making some spaghetti sauce — we have fresh tomatoes, we have chopped fresh garlic, we have — wait for it — mushrooms (mmmmm, mushrooms).  Man, this is going to be primo spaghetti sauce.

After lunch, it’s back to The Gathering Edge.

How’s your weekend going?

Camden harbor Mar 20 2016

7 thoughts on “Reading the page proofs”

  1. Spent an hour or so prepping to make a rolled, stuffed, pork tenderloin: dicing, sauteing, onion, mushroom, celery, carrot, softening the chopped spinach, then mixing with bread crumbs. It’s melding now, awaiting final seasoning decisions (so far has mixed herbs, extra sage, a little paprika, two pinches of allspice. Then comes pounding the tenderloin flat, spreading the stuffing on it, rolling it up, tying it, browning it on top of the stove, and then…the oven. This is a “That sounds like it might be good in there” combo that would belong in quotes if I called it a “recipe”, unlike Shan thinking of his melant’i as master trader. Because I’m making it up out of the memory of smells and tastes and combining things in a new way. (I use spinach in soups and casseroles, but haven’t ever used it in stuffing before.)

    I’m now thinking it might benefit from another mushroom and another cup of bread crumbs. (The onion was VERY strong and it does NOT need another one.)

  2. it WILL get better shortly, I am sure but just now, my weekend is sucking just a bit. Narcotics make me tired and woozie and not in a good way at all, at all. I’ll be glad not to need them in a day or two

  3. Preparing for first mowing of the season. Neighbors are aware, so if I drop from heart failure on the front lawn, they’ll leave me be until tomorrow…in case I rise again as a zombie or prophet. Either would be interesting enough.

    Weather here in KY is just amazing today, but storms & ick will arrive sometime tomorrow to drown those exhibiting immodest pride in their Easter finery. Ought to be a hoot.

  4. Having lost my full time job after 34 years due to a violation of both the Illinois Human Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act I’m worrying over finances currently. Public help is limited to food stamps and some medical assistance. I’m grateful for it but how do you pay co-pays when they don’t give you cash? Then unemployment rewards the employer by also denying benefits. A pushback from employer to justify their position. Doing everything I can to fight this but going is slow. Happy birthday to me (March 23rd)!! Happy Easter, too, while I’m at it.

    But I’m trying to use my tools of yoga and meditation to Keep Calm and Carry On as they say. Thinking of using my little cash to get my Kritter Kat a special can of cat food for her Easter dinner. Guess I’m still a Kitty Mom above all…

  5. Celebrated Easter with friends at a family ranch in central Texas. Absolutely beautiful weather. Sunny and in the low 80s today. Lots of water in Texas finally so creeks are flowing. Kids played in the creek and hiked up hills and dogs ran around and played in the creek too. Everyone brought food and we had a grand time.

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