Sunny on Sunday

Today’s mail — or, possibly, yesterday’s, or indeed, both. . .A lot of people seemed to want to be certain that I knew about this, in any case.

So!  The mail brings news of a new SF/F award in town.  Twenty-nine years in the making!  The Dragon Awards.  You can read all about them, here , and also here .  Eligible works will have been published/screened/made generally available between April 1, 2015 and July 25, 2016.

In a startling turn of events, this means that both Dragon in Exile and Alliance of Equals are eligible for nomination, in case anyone is thinking in that direction.

The nominating categories are available here.

The Dragon Awards are open to all fans, everywhere.  There is no cost to nominate, and you may start your engines now.


Here at the Confusion Factory, we are completing the proofing of Alliance of Equals.  I want to thank everyone who has pitched in with this rather difficult project.  I did try to acknowledge each email, but probably managed to miss one or two people.  I love you all; I’m just a. . .little harried, and forgetful at the moment.

We are also still hammering away at The Gathering Edge, which is due at Baen before we leave for RavenCon, on April 27.  And we’ve got that short story to write and hand in on May 15.

Speaking of cons, Steve and I have tacked another onto the 2016 schedule.  We will be at the Rhode Island ComicCon, in November.  Including that convention, we will be traveling in books for 44 days this summer and fall, starting with RavenCon.

I’d say that I feel like a rock star, but I remember Janis Ian laughing at me, back a few years, when I was complaining that Steve and I had been on the road for 60 days that year.  So, I’ll just say that, for a pair of SF writers, we’ll be traveling a lot this year.

 Morning after a hard night Belle Apr 8 2016

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  1. I see one casualty of the coming travel season, just from you discussing it!

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