Alliance of Equals eARC

The electronic advance reading copy (aka, the one with the (most) mistakes in it) of Alliance of Equals, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, the 19th novel-length adventure in the Liaden Universe®!

. . .is now available for sale via download.

Here’s your link

I trust you all know what to do.

On a related note, I’ve got a side bet going with Belle, who doesn’t think we can sell more than 500 copies of the ARC.  O, cat of little faith.  Sprite, on the other paw, thinks we can earn out the advance on eARC sales.  Of course, Sprite’s still a little unclear on the whole Base Ten thing…

Alliance of Equals cover

9 thoughts on “Alliance of Equals eARC”

  1. Already got my copy AND posted it in the AoE eARC thread on Toni’s forum in Baen’s Bar. Doing the happy dance!!!

  2. Although I’d love nothing more than to help Belle win a bet, this was a bad bet. Next time, maybe.

    Now the battle between the desire to read and the need to sleep.

    I expect sleep to lose. Please ask Belle to nap on my behalf.

  3. Bought it. Read it (who needs sleep?) and enjoyed it very much. Was happy to do my part toward the goal of helping ALLIANCE earn out through the EARC. Have any of the previous books earned out on the eARC sales alone?

    Anne in Virginia

  4. We don’t know, because our royalty statements do not break eArc sales out from regular ebook sales. Electronic sales have boosted a couple of our recent titles into earning out in the first period. I think the first was Mouse and Dragon. Won’t know how Dragon in Exile did, overall, ’til November, I guess, though Baen did let us know that it sold 447 eArcs. Which is not enough to earn out, but is a nice assist.

  5. Hi Sharon and Steve, just got my eArc so there goes the weekend. Thanks and I will also get a dead tree copy when it arrives on the shelves. Cheers.

  6. Well, whether or not EARC sales are wholly responsible for earning out, having a book earn out in the first reporting period is fantastic, howsomever it comes to pass. We will hope DRAGON IN EXILE continues the fine rising royalty arc of its predecessors. Onward and upward!

    Anne in Virginia

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