“Will-o’-the-wisp,” by Sharon Lee, the second Archers Beach story of January (this one actually set in Archers Beach), is now up and eager to be read, right here.

In case you missed the first Archers Beach story of January, which is actually set in the Land of the Flowers, it’s right here.

Next thing on my plate today is!

Revising a story, this one destined for the Alien Artifacts anthology.

Wait, you didn’t know about the Alien Artifacts Anthology?  Lucky for you — there’s still time to get on board.  Here’s your info linkAnd here’s your ordering link.

Belle Jan 22 2016

One thought on “Will-o’-the-wisp”

  1. Thank you for that lovely story. Also I’ve been wanting to tell you I love your custom of ending each post with a beautiful cat picture.

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