The Kineo Report, Part the Last

So, yesterday, I went to Tai Chi, where I had what I feel to be a Significant Breakthrough in re Cloud Hands.  I can now — reliably, not beautifully, but we’re looking at a progression, here — I can now, I say, reliably go through the entire routine, insofar as the class has progressed.  Which is!

Commencement – Open & Close – Cloud Hands – Fair Lady Working Shuttle.

Impressive, yes?

Go, me.

After Tai Chi, I came home, changed into Professional Clothing and beat feet to the hospital, where my day consisted of guiding people to various places inside the hospital and discussing the fact that I have purple hair.  (“Hey,” said one person. “How’d you get purple hair?”  “It came with,” I said.  Uproar of laughter.  I guess people in hospitals are tense, some.)

After shift-end, I came home (without checking my phone first.  Note to self: always check phone after you get off work), to find that Charlie’s Subaru Collision Center had called, and!

Kineo the Wonder Subaru was ready to come home.

It was then 4:25 pm.  Augusta is about a half-hour drive.  The Collision Center closes at 5 pm.  Yeah, I made it; walked in the door at 4:58 pm, claimed Kineo, returned the rental car, and drove home in the dark across Route 201.

This morning, Steve and I slept in, then fired Kineo up and took him for a drive, pausing briefly in Waterville to have a late breakfast at Toast Xpress (Steve had apple crepes, I had raisin bread french toast).  We went down route 32 to the very end, that being the Gulf of Maine, at Pemaquid Point.  We waved at the Atlantic Ocean, thanked the Pemaquid Point Light for its long service, and came home via Damariscotta, where we did not sign books at the Maine Coast Bookstore (now owned and operated by Sherman’s), because they didn’t have any of ours, and we felt that it would be rude to sign Jim Butcher’s.

We spaced around, chatted with staff, met Watson the bull mastiff (presently 4 months old and already bigger than a beagle), and eventually followed Kindly Route 1 to Augusta, and so to home.

I am pleased — and very, very relieved — to be able to report that Kineo drives just exactly like he had; there are no malfunctions (well, OK; the clock was wrong and all my saved radio stations got wiped), no Weird Noises, no surprises at all.  It’s as if last week’s little. . .episode. . .had never taken place.

So relieved.

Also — and on a side note — I cannot fully express how very, very grateful I am to have been able to do the entire drive — 124 miles, so not a monster drive, but still — without even once feeling sleepy, or dull, or that the drive was a burden I was almost too weary to bear.  And I owe it all to the new! improved! dose of thyroid meds.

Better living through chemicals, yessir.

Now, having returned from our early adventures and eaten lunch, I plan on fixing the short story I wrote a couple days ago, and plugging away at the tax paperwork some more.  Tomorrow morning — assuming I get up early enough — pickleball!

Trooper catching some rays Jan 22 2016

3 thoughts on “The Kineo Report, Part the Last”

  1. Hooray for you ! Cloud hands is like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time- difficult but doable and will, , in time, become second nature . And very glad your lovely car is not bearing any ill will towards the world that treated it so mean. Agree on thyroid- both myself and First Elder Cat take that though hers is hidden in treats . Makes a difference in both of us!!!

  2. Yay for progress in cloud hands and short story and Kineo repairs. A good week all round sounds like to me.

  3. Thyroid meds really DO make for a better life, don’t they?
    Glad Kineo is feeling like himself again. I wish I could join you for Pickle Ball….alas I am back in LI Pergatory.

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