Books read in 2016

5.  Reaper Man, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
4.  Conflict of Honors, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (e) (re-read)
3.  Mort, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
2.  The Sculptor, Scott McCloud
1.  A Short History of a Small Place, T.R. Pearson

3 thoughts on “Books read in 2016”

  1. Have you seen the pretty, new (last year) Official Reading Guide to Discworld (round-blue-poster-thing)? It has a different colored line for each …uh… whatchacallit. Main-Characters thread. Anyway! It’s lovely, both visually and as a quick reference, as it manages to-simultaneously!- clearly present publication order and story connections.

  2. Story arc? Nope, I haven’t seen it. I’ve not been a fan of the Discworld books — bounced off of many over the years. But I enjoyed Hogfather, and this Yuletide Steve and I read it aloud. Which was fun. So we’re following Death’s arc, reading aloud. Which is being a great deal of fun. I like chewing up the scenery and Steve does an AWESOME Death of Rats.

    All that said, I’m not feeling any great need to seek out any of the other books outside of Death’s arc. My loss, I expect…

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