In which you may now pre-mug

Offworld Designs has added pre-orders for the Brand! New! 11 oz Liaden mug to their Liaden Universe® Store!

Here’s your link.

Yes! You can have your very own tree-and-dragon ceramic mug in time for the winter holidays! I gotta tell you, hot chocolate tasted great in the previous iteration of mugs, and I’m betting?  That it’ll taste even better in the new mugs!

You will also find in the Offworld Designs Liaden Universe® store the opportunity to order tree-and-dragon denim, polo, and t-shirts.  Remember that these items are printed/embroidered in batches, so plan ahead for gift-giving.

* * *

In other news, we will tomorrow! entertain the Generator Guys.  They plan to arrive at a Truly UnGhodly Hour — I believe Seven-Thirty A M was quoted — and go to it, making lots of noise and turning the electricity on and off.  Steve mentioned that, all this being so, I might want to arrange to work Somewhere Else tomorrow, and so I shall do.

Today turned into a Day Off, by which I mean, no writing/editing/revision happened.  Mundane errands — including a doctor’s visit, and grocery shopping — took place.  We also snuck in a ride through the rapidly falling fall, and a pleasant lunch at the Flatlanda.  I still need to clean out the cat fountain, while Steve preps the Engine Room for the arrival of the Generator Guys, and then this day is over.  I’ll hit the couch with my book, and plan an early night, given the projected Moment of Arrival for our guests.

I did make a discovery today in the doctor’s waiting room.  Television is really irritating.  So, OK; I knew that.  But, honestly, three grown women going on and on about whether or not they would permit their husbands/SOs to have a “work wife?”  Please.  I wanted to read my book, obviously, but the volume was such that reading. . .was difficult.

So, I’ve added to my list of necessities when visiting doctors/hospitals/waiting rooms in general — earplugs.

As reported elsewhere, yesterday, The Gathering Edge now stands at 39,525 (which is to say it has gained about 4,590 words; I’ve Outright Removed about 500, and played fast and loose with a bunch of sentences and paragraphs, which is the nature of revision). I have another 20 pages of the Big Narrative Lump to go through and bring up to trim, and then I believe we may proceed in a forwarder direction with style and confidence.

. . .and I think that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

 Trooper and Sprite, sharing the bookshelf in my office:

Trooper and Sprite share the window Sept 10 2015

10 thoughts on “In which you may now pre-mug”

  1. This writing sounds like…work!

    I agree that TVs in public places are pretty awful. I was at the ER with my daughter recently, and it was really loud. That time since no one was listening I turned it off. It’s even worse when TVs are on in restaurants.

    And now, I’ll shop for a new mug!

  2. I ordered 2 mugs last night, and received an email they are in the mail today. They must have been able to get a batch together quickly!

  3. According to this group on women on — I don’t even know; The Wendy Show? — the working spouse nowadays will form a bond with a coworker, taking thereby a “work wife” to whom he/she/it turns for support in the workplace, in addition to advice and strategies, one shares lunch and coffee-breaks with the “work wife.” Many people (they said) then forget over time that they have a Real Wife(tm), and start to turn to the “work wife” for help in household and family management, as well.

    Now, leaving aside that “work wife” is one of the STUPIDEST phrases I’ve heard this week, Executives have been running away with their Secretaries since forever because of this exact phenomenon; it’s not exactly a new, horrifying hazard of the Modern Workplace.

    Slow gossip week, I guess.

  4. Ohhhh LOL!!!!!! Though at one point in my working life (maybe two points), I would have loved a house husband. giggle

  5. I ordered three mugs (LOL … less than three and postage to Canada worked out at more than the cost of the mugs) and they were all here, safe and sound and photo up on Facebook by October 27th!

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