Pre-order signed copies of Dragon in Exile!

As promised, Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis, will be — is! — taking pre-orders for signed and personalized copies of Dragon in Exile, the 18th novel entry in the Liaden Universe®, the history of same having been faithfully recounted by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Chroniclers of Korval since Nineteen-Aught-Eighty-Eight.

Be aware that there is a deadline in play!  Personalized copies (in which “personalized” means that you ask the authors to write something in addition to their names in your book) must be pre-ordered by May 1.

Pre-orders for signed copies (in which “signed” means that the authors wrote their names in your book, period), will be taken until all the books are gone.

Here’s your link to pre-order personalized and/or signed copies of Dragon in Exile.


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