Monday afternoon cat spam

Work is going forth, here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, which means that I’m even more boring than usual.  For those who have been concerned — as who has not? — regarding the state of the deck roof:  so far, so good.  The wind blew some of the snow off, and I managed to slug some more off via the rake, by remembering that I was destined to be a basketball player.  Possibly, I wasn’t as successful as I could have been, had I actually been willing to fall backwards off the steps to make the shot, but old age makes cowards of us all.

At the moment, and barring a blizzard that does not blow out to sea, I think the roof is safe.

Since I’m being boring, allow me to share some pictures of my assistants, who are never boring.

In case it was less than clear how very much Warrior Princess Jasmine Sprite adores getting her picture taken:

Warrior Princess Jasmine Sprite, the camera-shy...
Warrior Princess Jasmine Sprite, the camera-shy…

We don’t keep Trooper around just because he’s so dern sexy. . .

. . .but we could.
. . .but we could.


2 thoughts on “Monday afternoon cat spam”

  1. Saw clip from Boston: Hundred year old house with steep pitch slate roof – no problem. New addition with conventional roofing and less pitch – leaking. Seems the Elder Bostonians knew a thing or two!

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