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After reading yesterday’s post, reproduced below, lots of people rushed off to pre-order their signed and/or personalized copy of Dragon in Exile from Uncle Hugo’s.

This is very gratifying.  Thank you.


It came to the attention of Mr. Blyly, who may, in this instance, be understood to stand in for Uncle himself, that, in the happy rush of ordering, some folks who usually ask for personalizations (yes, Mr. Blyly notices this, because he’s that good) — didn’t.

So!  What I’m going to do is ask you to read the instructions carefully and don’t let excitement carry you away.

We’re going to do a practice run, now.  Please read the information below, and act according to your needs and estate.

1.  If you want your book signed and personalized, you must write your requested personalization in the box provided on the order form.  You must write the requested message EXACTLY as you want the authors to write it, so be sure to check for spelling errors.  Also, the authors reserve the right to not personalize a book, if the personalization requested is, in the authors’ sole judgment, too long, or offensive.

1a.  If you want your book personalized, but you don’t put the personalization in the box on the order form?  You’re gonna get a book that the authors have written their names in.  Period.

2.  If you have already pre-ordered a book, and you wanted it personalized, but you forgot to fill in the box?  You may direct an email to Mr. Blyly at unclehugoATaolDOTcom with Dragon Personalization in the subject line, and your requested personalization in the body of the email.

I want to thank everybody for your interest in, and support of, our work.  We’re very pleased to be able to provide signed books to those who want them; it adds an air of festival and sharing to the process of seeing our book published.

* * *

Original blog post follows, with link

As promised, Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore in Minneapolis, will be — is! — taking pre-orders for signed and personalized copies of Dragon in Exile, the 18th novel entry in the Liaden Universe®, the history of same having been faithfully recounted by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Chroniclers of Korval since Nineteen-Aught-Eighty-Eight.

Be aware that there is a deadline in play!  Personalized copies (in which “personalized” means that you ask the authors to write something in addition to their names in your book) must be pre-ordered by May 1.

Pre-orders for signed copies (in which “signed” means that the authors wrote their names in your book, period), will be taken until all the books are gone.

Here’s your link to pre-order personalized and/or signed copies of Dragon in Exile.

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  1. I’d guess around the same time as the hardcover release — that’s been the pattern. I had heard from Mr. Feldberg that Audible had the book under contract.

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