Let’s Dance

Today! is the Official Release Day of the trade paper edition of Carousel Sun, by Sharon Lee, the second in what Baen is calling the Carousel series. This means that the folks who waited patiently through eArc and electronic releases now get their turn.  Sun may be purchased anywhere paper books are sold.  If it’s not on the shelf, don’t be shy: ask the bookstore to order it in!

And remember!  If you’d like a signed copy, your source; your single source, is Uncle Hugo.

Carousel Seas, the final book in the Carousel Trilogy, is due to be published early next year in Fall 2014.

* * *

In other bookish news, we hear from a Reliable Source that Trade Secret hit the Number One slot in the Locus Bestseller Hardcover List for November 2013, reported in the February 2014 issue.  Thank you all!

* * *

And, just to give you a little taste of what’s coming in Carousel Seas, here’s a sneak peek at the cover art:

Carousel Seas
Cover art for Carousel Seas, by Sharon Lee, to be published Fall 2014
Art by Eric Williams

* * *

So, that’s two FOUR reasons to dance!  Who has more?

9 thoughts on “Let’s Dance”

  1. Uh…..You are alive, your husband is alive, the cats are alive, and you are writing!! That is enough reasons!

  2. You know, we keep telling you that you are WONDERFUL. You just don’t listen to us very well.

  3. Love the new cover art! I admit I was impatient enough to have bought the eArc version. Now to decide if I also want a signed paper one.

  4. That is one dynamite cover. I’m getting the book for what’s inside, but I like the eye candy too.

  5. Marvelous art work. I was intrigued to see the highly detailed images of sea shells and star-fish on the gown. Clearly seen at 200% zoom. Interesting effect with complex hairdo. Suggests movement. Very happy that availability is now fall 2014.

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