Well, I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer

I’m feeling significantly better this morning, which is typically the moment when I screw it up.  (Oh, are we done now?  Excellent!  I have so much stuff to catch — faceplant.)

So, in the spirit of getting some stuff done, but avoiding the faceplant, I have caught up the tax paperwork, insofar as it can be caught up (still waiting for a couple 1099s and 1099-INTs so I can finish properly and get the file off my desk and onto the desk of Deb the Accountant, and ain’t she gonna have fun?), and I am now sensibly retiring to the sofa to read for a bit before dinner.

See me be sensible.  Yeah, take a picture; you won’t see it again soon.

Hopefully, I will be able to get some Actual Work done this evening (by which I mean Writing, because in a writer’s life, All Work that Is Not Writing is Not Really Work). We shall see; it’s amazing how tiring simply sitting behind a desk and wriggling your fingers can be.

In other, completely unrelated, news, except that it happens to address a topic of interest to me, somebody posted a link to this article somewhere (Kathi Kimbriel?  Twitter?), and I commend it highly.  It’s about laying the ghosts of the 2011 Japanese tsunami — here’s the link.

What’re y’all doing that’s fun and interesting?

4 thoughts on “Well, I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer”

  1. I find it is not until I feel significantly better that I realize how awful I was feeling in the first place. It is always shocking to see the crazy things I’ve done while under the weather that made perfect sense at the time that make little since when feeling better.

    Who is keeping you the company on the sofa? (or davenport, as my dear grandmother would say.) A day I decide to spend on the davenport is a Day of Celebration for the cats and they all try to sleep on me somewhere – or fight if someone brings a spring to sleep with.

    Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. There seems to be an invisible dragon between me and the work I had laid out for my self today. I think, since I have no CATS to assist me in its slaying, just for today, I will let the dragon win and try again tomorrow.

  3. Company on the sofa is most usually Mozart. The cat tree is right next to the sofa, and Trooper has taken to sitting on the toppest platform so that he can oversee the situation. Sprite is often in the room, somewhere, unless there’s something! shiny! elsewhere to deal with.

    On one of the days when I was feeling particularly rotten, I had Mozart next to me, and Trooper in the tree, and Sprite jumped up on the coffee table, and chirped at me for quite a long time, as she settled herself, and resettled herself until she was satisfied (so it seemed) that she was in a place where I would see her if I opened my eyes. Honestly, it was like she was saying, “Oh, you don’t feel good? That’s bad. But, seeing cats always makes people feel good! And seeing ME especially makes people feel good, so I’ll just lay down right here and if you wake up you’ll see me and feel good and go back to sleep. ‘k?”

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