In which progress of a sort is made

Slept very late today, and arose from my bower able to Brain.  Yay!  Sadly, the big pile o’bills that I ignored last week had priority, so I dealt with them, and now I have no Brain.  The plan is to make some onion soup, have a nap, and see if the Brain comes back online.

All is not Totally Lost; I did, yesterday, hand-write the dialog for the next scene.  Dialog is easy!  Perhaps, if nothing else, I can write out the dialog for the scene after that this afternoon/evening, as no one here footballs.

Steve has caught an edge of this, but seems to have, so far, been spared the Full Aspect.  Fingers crossed that this remains so.

And, lest you think that the entire household is goofing off, I offer this picture of Trooper, hard at work:

Trooper is on the case. Or the printer. Whatever. Photo by Sharon Lee
Trooper is on the case.
Or the printer.
Photo by Sharon Lee

3 thoughts on “In which progress of a sort is made”

  1. Thank GOODNESS that the CATS provide such good examples of an honest work ethic to you slacketty writer types. LOL
    Hope you all feel wellest RSN

  2. Trooper is making sure your printer is kept warm for future use. He understands the needs of printers.

    I’ll be watching whatever’s on PBS tonight instead of the game.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Your printer looks (to my highly associative mind) a bit like an Imperial Stormtrooper :-). “These are not the drafts you’re looking for….”

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