Day Seven Winner

The winner of the seventh and last available MP3 edition of Liaden Universe® novel Dragon in Exile by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, narrated by Kevin T. Collins is!

Number 36, Sheryl Kolar of Greater Cleveland

Number 36 prevailed against a field of 86.  We will release the Sekrit Identity if we receive permission to do so.

Congratulations! to Sheryl Kolar and all the winners!

Thanks very much to everyone who took part in the game!


Day Six Winner

Eighty-eight valiant pilgrims threw their names into the hat to win one of two remaining copies of the MP3 edition of Dragon in Exile, a novel of the Liaden Universe®, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, narrated by Kevin T. Collins.

The winner, by random drawing, was!

Number 72, which would also be Tina Black
of Kansas City, Kansas

Alert readers of this blog will have deduced that there is

only one more book remaining from the original pile of seven.

Yep, today is your Absolute Last Chance to enter your name into the drawing to win that last MP3 edition of Dragon in Exile.

Entries are accepted ONLY at  Flailing about on the internet randomly posting wishes to win do nothing for your chances of actually winning.

Here is the link to the Rules.  Read the Rules.  All the way to the end.

Good luck.

Day Five Winner

Number Seventeen is the winner of the fifth available copy of the MP3 edition of Liaden Universe® novel Dragon in Exile, written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and narrated by Kevin T. Collins.

Congratulations Number 17, whose secret identity is
Terrie Adams of Richmond MO

There are only two more of these audiobooks left.  Two more chances for you to win.  Remember! Every day is a new day, and you must play every day to win.  Entries for Wednesday are only counted on Wednesday.  When Thursday comes, we start again.

Here’s your link to the rules.  The rules say what they mean.  There is only one email address where valid entries are collected.  Any other postings expressing your desire to win are only so much shouting.

Good luck.

Day Four winner

The winner of the fourth of an original seven MP3 editions of Dragon in Exile by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is, I kid you not!

Number 42, Steph Leif of San Diego, California!

Can I get a hearty round of applause for the lucky winner, please!

So! The arithmetically adept among you will have deduced that there are only three of these wonderful talking books left to give away.

You want one.  You know you want one.  And the only chance you have is by throwing your name into the metaphorical Liaden chapeau.

Where is this stylish head covering located, you ask?  How can I enter my name?

Here are the rules.  Read the rules.  Understand the rules.  Become One with the rules.  Do not second-guess the rules or believe that you know better than the rules.

Everybody good?


Day Three Winner

One hundred thirty readers threw their names into the hat correctly for a chance to win a copy of the MP3 edition of Liaden Universe® novel Dragon in Exile, written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, narrated by Kevin T. Collins.

And the winner is!

Number 30, known to close friends as Lee Anderson, of Connecticut.

Let’s have a round of applause for the lucky winner!

We’ve now given away three out of a field of seven prizes.  That means you — yes, you! and you over there, too! still have four chances to win.  But there’s a catch.

Lean in close and I’ll tell you what it is.


You have to play to win.

What’s that?  You don’t know how to play?

Here’s your link to the rules.

Please note that, if you choose to play a variant game, which does not follow these rules as they are lain out — you will be held to be playing a different game that has nothing to do with our game.

The news for Tuesday

We have a winner for the Monday night drawing for a free MP3 edition of Dragon in Exile, the 18th novel-length Adventure in the Liaden Universe® created by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, and!

The winner is Number 55!

Congratulations Number 55, well done, indeed!

We will be releasing the winner’s name on Welcome to Liad, as soon as we have verification and permission to do so.

And you!  Have you entered today’s drawing?  What drawing you ask?  Here’s the rules

We ask people to please read the rules and follow the directions.  “Entries” made at venues other than the venue stipulated will not be counted, plus you will make me cranky.  You don’t want to make me cranky.  Also!  We ask that people enter from the email address that they check at least daily, and not to enter twice from two different email addresses.  This will also make me cranky, and worse — I will mock you.

OK, then!

In other news, Steve had the first of an arranged two doctor appointments yesterday, in which most questions were deferred to the second doctor, who’s up on Wednesday.  I guess that’s a Watch the Skies.

Also, it snowed yesterday, and on the overnight, so first order of bidness this morning was sweeping snow, and have now moved on to coffee and answering my mail.  This will shortly be followed by more coffee, breakfast, and working on the Novel That Will Not End.

Everybody have a good day.

Here’s a photo of Twig to help you get that going.


Liaden Giveaway starts midnight Monday December 5!

Friends of Liad and fans of science fiction, listen up! Here’s a chance for you to brighten your holiday season with a gift for yourself or a gift to give.

We – that’s Sharon Lee and Steve Miller – have seven (7) copies of the Brilliance edition of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® novel Dragon in Exile narrated by Kevin T. Collins – that’s an audio book on 2 disks, in MP3 format. If you’d like a chance to win one of these all you have to do do is … hold on. Getting ahead of ourselves.

So then, wait, first, the rules.

We’re giving away seven of these audiobooks – one a day this week, starting Monday, December 5 and ending with the drawing on Sunday, December 11 . If you win one book, we’ll ask you not to try for another.

So, we hear you ask, what does it take to win, anyway?

The rules are you need to do something to let us know you’re interested in receiving on of these rare items.

Do something? Yeah, well, we’re writers, we’re not mind readers, Jim. No secret words, no essays, not even a picture of you reading another Liaden book.

All you have to do is! Drop us an email saying “I want to hear Dragon in Exile” at the email address below and if your email is selected out of that day’s entries (we’ll be using a random number generator, so each day will probably have a different chance to win).  We will write to the lucky winner at the email address from which they sent their entry, so make sure it’s an address you check regularly.

No purchase necessary. We ask that no relatives of Lee & Miller, AND no employees of Baen, Brilliance, Audible, or Amazon take part. We’ll accept entries 23 hours each day for 7 days – from midnight our time (that’s US Eastern Standard Time) until 11 PM the following evening.  At midnight, it’s lather, rinse, repeat.

We will let the lucky winner know, via email, and a post on, after we’ve had coffee the next morning.

Oh, we need you to send your note to:

Let the games begin!