Liaden Giveaway starts midnight Monday December 5!

Friends of Liad and fans of science fiction, listen up! Here’s a chance for you to brighten your holiday season with a gift for yourself or a gift to give.

We – that’s Sharon Lee and Steve Miller – have seven (7) copies of the Brilliance edition of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s Liaden Universe® novel Dragon in Exile narrated by Kevin T. Collins – that’s an audio book on 2 disks, in MP3 format. If you’d like a chance to win one of these all you have to do do is … hold on. Getting ahead of ourselves.

So then, wait, first, the rules.

We’re giving away seven of these audiobooks – one a day this week, starting Monday, December 5 and ending with the drawing on Sunday, December 11 . If you win one book, we’ll ask you not to try for another.

So, we hear you ask, what does it take to win, anyway?

The rules are you need to do something to let us know you’re interested in receiving on of these rare items.

Do something? Yeah, well, we’re writers, we’re not mind readers, Jim. No secret words, no essays, not even a picture of you reading another Liaden book.

All you have to do is! Drop us an email saying “I want to hear Dragon in Exile” at the email address below and if your email is selected out of that day’s entries (we’ll be using a random number generator, so each day will probably have a different chance to win).  We will write to the lucky winner at the email address from which they sent their entry, so make sure it’s an address you check regularly.

No purchase necessary. We ask that no relatives of Lee & Miller, AND no employees of Baen, Brilliance, Audible, or Amazon take part. We’ll accept entries 23 hours each day for 7 days – from midnight our time (that’s US Eastern Standard Time) until 11 PM the following evening.  At midnight, it’s lather, rinse, repeat.

We will let the lucky winner know, via email, and a post on, after we’ve had coffee the next morning.

Oh, we need you to send your note to:

Let the games begin!

11 thoughts on “Liaden Giveaway starts midnight Monday December 5!”

  1. For the no Amazon Employee’s Clause. Does that include us poor warehouse grubs or just the corporate decision makers that (barely) pay me?

  2. Well, let’s see. . .

    This is a Random Draw, which is like throwing names in a hat. You throw your name, our Lovely Assistant draws a slip from the hat, and there’s your winner.

    So, the way I see it, it comes down to personal honor. If you are Absolutely and Honorably Certain that this “no Amazon employees” rule cannot possibly apply to you, then throw your name in. Me, I have refrained from placing my name in the hat in similar draws with similar rules over the years, even though I was But A Lowly Secretary at Company X and nowhere close to a decision maker.

    But, yanno; it’s your honor and your decision to make.

  3. I already have Dragon in Exile on ebook and audio, but if you allow, I could gift it to someone. (And maybe hook another reader for you.)

  4. l’d like to hear Dragons in Exile! (Never tried an autio book, what a great one to start with!)

  5. I would love to get an audio copy of dragon in exile. While I have read them all, I have glaucoma and my eyesight is failing so I would like to get used to audio books before they become a necessity.

  6. All of the Liaden novels, from Agent of Change through The Gathering Edge, are available as audiobooks from Audible.

    Best of luck to you; Steve has glaucoma, too. Getting old is not for the faint of heart…

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