Weekend catch up

We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory have been keeping our heads down and trying to get Useful Things Done. The jury’s still out on the question of whether we’ve succeeded, but one does what one can.

A kind friend gave me a lift to the hair salon on Monday, and was able to extend the trip to include the post office and the grocery.

I finished a read-through of the first half of Diviner’s Bow, and am now in the process of figuring out the second half.  Around that, I invoked Google Takeout on behalf of Steve’s accounts and transferred them to that portable hard drive I was never going to use.  Every time I think I’m going to cancel Steve’s phone, the two-step verification system produces another reason why I should wait a little longer.

Yesterday, we (quietly) celebrated Princess Jasmine Sprite’s 12th birthday.  There was napping in the sun, napping under tables, and napping on the couch, and a pouch of Delectables Bisque for happy hour, after which we all gathered into the living room to view the first episode of Renegade Nell.

Today, I have some chores to finish up.  This afternoon, a friend will be coming by to help me put together and position the puppy crate our neighbor donated to the Kitten Project, and I’ll be converting the second bathroom to Club Rook.

Tomorrow, another kind friend will be taking me to Book Club, then to pick up Rook — and I figure that’s all I’ll be accomplishing tomorrow.

Tuesday, I (finally) get to see my PCP — a kind friend is giving me a ride — and hopefully I’ll be given permission to drive myself to, oh, Rook’s meet ‘n greet with his vet on Wednesday.  That would be nice.

Otherwise, I’m looking at the list of home upkeep things that need to be done and trying to strategize.  I thought I’d been cleaning the rain gutters, but yanno?  Maybe not.  And I really need help with the front garden and the backyard, which I feel is probably too little for a full-blown landscaping enterprise, but too much for a woman with a hoe.

And, that, I think, catches us up.

I hope to update with Rook photos tomorrow, depending on how he feels about having his picture taken.


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