The Cat Farm and Confusion Factory Welcomes Rook Thunderpaws

Rook has arrived at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory and is for the moment cozily ensconced in Club Rook, aka the second bathroom.

He’s very affectionate, absolutely fearless, and has a very large purr for such a small creature.  Understanding that I’m accustomed to full-grown Maine coon Cats.  Rook looks very small to me.  He’s four months old.

He met Trooper, very briefly, because I hadn’t pushed the door all the way to behind me.  Trooper said something to him, in that deep voice of his, and Rook scrunched against the floor, but he gave no ground, which seems to me to be proper respect to an elder.

Some time later, Firefly demanded to know what was behind the closed door, so I let her in.  That meeting went very well.  Sprite has not yet met the kitten, because Sprite is sleeping in a sun puddle.

The plan is to keep the kitten in Club Rook until I come back from my doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  We’ll consult then, and see if he thinks he might like to come into my office, take up occupancy of The Rookery, and start learning the business of the house.

I did mention to him that he will be having to manage an online fandom.  He didn’t seem to think that would be any problem.

Pictures below:

11 thoughts on “The Cat Farm and Confusion Factory Welcomes Rook Thunderpaws”

  1. He is beautiful. It will be interesting to see how he gets along with the rest. I would love to see where he might be white on his chest.

  2. He is quite the sweet faced lad. I look forward to hearing how he gets on.

  3. The backwards look! He is charming and will have no trouble at all managing an online fandom.

  4. Hooray! Welcome Rook! You have no idea yet how fortunate you are to have landed where you have. I look forward to learning more about your management style and would love to hear your splendid purr some day!

  5. What a charmer. I hope he’s practicing his bows so he can show proper respect to the clan elders.

  6. Oh my word, isn’t he just the essence of all the things! He’s gorgeous, yet also adorable. I get the impression that in time he’ll be quite sizeable, something about his face. And those white ear-… uh, ear-whiskers? Ear-wispies? So very formal & fancy! That last shot, of the dual long-necked caution-sniff, is so charming!

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