The day of good surprises

So, I saw my PCP this morning.  I have been cleared to drive locally until I see a vascular specialist about a blockage.  This means that I could — and did! — go to the grocery store this afternoon, and will be able to take Rook to his meet ‘n greet with his vet tomorrow afternoon.

That was pleasant surprise Number One.

Pleasant surprise Number Two was the arrival in the mail of the original cover art for Liaden Universe® novel number 27, Diviner’s Bow, to be published in April 2025.  David Mattingly did his usual marvelous work. I really appreciate the care he took with the characters — that’s Counsel to Chaos Blays essWorthi on the left and the Deaf Counselor, Majel ziaGorn, on the right.

6 thoughts on “The day of good surprises”

  1. I admit curiosity regarding the name “Rook”. Indeed all of names of your cats. I love the TV series Firefly – any connection to cat Ftrefly? Trooper seems a wonderful name for a cat. As does Sprite.

  2. Huzzah! New family member, cleared to drive, AND pretty book art! Cheering for you!

  3. He is just so good. I keep staring at it, musing on it, scrolling away but coming back to it for another look.

  4. Rook is the first cat I’ve named in a while. He is, of course, named in honor of Steve, a lifelong student of chess. Also, I liked the nickname “Rookie,” which seemed apt. It was his breeder who reminded me that a rook is also a large black bird. So, Rook has a multilevel name, which seems appropriate for a cat.

    Trooper is officially Kelimcoons Sooper Trooper, and on the show circuit many years ago was named Best New England Coon Cat. With Kelimcoons Belle of the Ball (who was also part of the Cat Farm and is still sorely missed), he produced a daughter, who went to another cattery, where she was called Jasmine. After a few months, she was returned home (no, I don’t know why), where she was acquired the name Sprite. This is why we call her Jasmine Sprite.

    Firefly also came to us from Kelimcoons, and already bore the name. We saw no reason to change it. Possibly she was named for the show, possibly it was an allusion to her very busy nature.

  5. Re names: Muchas Gracias [obligatory wry comment – I live in New Mexico & while my command of Spanish is very poor I do what I can]

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