Liaden Pull-Quotes Needed

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE BELOW. Yes, it’s long, but it’s not as long as a novel, and all of us here like to read novels.

So! Baen has given its authors a homework assignment, which is to poll their readers — that’s you — for pull-quotes. These will be used for PR purposes.

Back in the day, we had a deck of quote cards that we used to give out at conventions, stuff like “If it lifts, we can fly it” or “Other people give their wives flowers.”

Pull-quotes are short and snappy. Pretty often, they’re dialogue or internal dialogue, because they lend themselves to short and snappy.

The problem we have, particularly, is that we’re lacking quotes from the books after I DARE. So, that’s your assignment.


“There are entirely too many pretty iced cakes in this undertaking.”– Padi yos’Galan, RIBBON DANCE, Liaden Universe®, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

“Yes, I heard. Forgive my lack of appropriate consternation. Tinsori Light is not a regular environment. Strange things happen here.” — Jen Sin yos’Phelium, SALVAGE RIGHT, Liaden Universe®, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller


Go to this link and post a reply containing your quote in the form exampled above.
Yes, we do need the speaker and the title of the book from which the quote has been excerpted. No, we don’t need the page number.

Please confine yourself to no more than six quotes. Fewer is fine, too. Simply the fact of 26 novels makes it pretty certain that we’re going to overwhelm Baen’s system, but it’ll be fun for us — and we hope for you — to read what other’s found amusing/compelling/sad/true.

REMINDER RE WEBSITE HOUSEKEEPING has human operators. We will accept new posts as quickly as we can, but we do sometimes take an hour off, or go to sleep, or go somewhere else. Don’t assume you’re being ignored if your reply doesn’t immediately go live.

AND! The Best Part

Thank you. Let’s have some fun!

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  1. This sounds like fun! Wish I’d highlighted things as I went along because my memory is going to be no help whatsoever!

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