DOORS INTO CHANGE available for preorder

Doors Into Change, by Sharon Lee, featuring three stories in her contemporary fantasy Carousel Series, is now available for electronic pre-order from the following vendors:  Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Everand.

Doors includes two short stories and a novelette.

“The Road to Pomona’s” is a rare precursor to the Archers Beach mythos, that examines the dangers of looking too far into fey matters, if you’re only a mundane human.

“The Vestals of Midnight,” takes place in one of the weirder and most dangerous corners of Archers Beach–the Enterprise, where things just “come in.” Only, what’s come in this time are children, and they’re in very great peril from the Enterprise’s ruling intelligence.

Novelette “Wolf in the Wind” serves up one of the Wise Ones who oversee the Six Worlds, and who might not be as impartial as their office demands.

The book will publish, electronically, and in a paper edition, on February 20.  At that time, it will also be available electronically from

3 thoughts on “DOORS INTO CHANGE available for preorder”

  1. Ordered the ebook and will also order the paper version when it is available. Will be delighted to catch up with the “doings” in Archers Beach.

    Anne in Virginia

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