New Archers Beach chapbook in the works!

For those coming in late, a bit of History.

Steve Miller ((and Sharon Lee)) were, for many years SRM Publisher, Ltd, a very small press that put out a number of Lee and Miller chapbooks, as well as chapbooks for other authors, notably Ru Emerson, David M. Harris, James A. Hetley, Lawrence M. Schoen, Mark W. Tiedemann, in addition to Liaden Universe® Companion Vol 1 and 2, which were hardback and trade Liaden Universe® paper collections.

Due to a cascade of colliding challenges, including increasing post office rates, the retirement of our longtime printer, and Steve’s health, SRM Publisher ceased operations in 2011, following the publication of Skyblaze: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® No. 17.

Organized in 1995,  SRM Publisher produced paper editions only.  After a period of reorganization, in which rights were returned to authors and Accountings Were Made, there arose in the Lee-and-Miller Fictioneering Empire, the Electronic Heir to SRM Publisher — Pinbeam Books.

Pinbeam Books, aka Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, republished all of SRM’s remaining holdings as ebooks, and, when new chapbooks were inevitably created, because Lee and Miller will keep writing those silly short stories of theirs, Pinbeam Books published those, as well

What does all this, I hear you say, have to do with a new Archers Beach chapbook?

I’m glad you asked.

Way back in 2010, 2014, and 2015, Sharon Lee published a fantasy trilogy with Baen Books, alternatively known as the Carousel Trilogy and the Archers Beach Trilogy.  As almost always happens when I’ve written a novel, there are characters and story-bits left scattered about after, which often become stories, which then have to be published.

Baen accounted for two of those stories, commissioned to appear on their front page, and the rest were nobody’s fault but my own.  After the stories were written, or fell out of contract, they needed to be republished so that people who missed the first publication would have a chance to read them and Pinbeam Books was responsible for those republications, and eventually for reprinted paper editions, as well.

Now! We finally get to the point.

Pinbeam Books will be publishing Doors Into Change, three stories of Archers Beach, on February 20 2024.  This chapbook will include reprinted short stories “The Road to Pomona’s,” and “The Vestals of Midnight,” and newly-completed novelette “Wolf in the Wind.”  The ebook will be available from All of the Usual Suspects, which I am not going to name, because I’ll absolutely miss one by accident and there will be an Outcry.  There will also be a paper edition.

This has gotten unexpectedly long, so I’ll close here with a Sneak Peek of the Cover:


2 thoughts on “New Archers Beach chapbook in the works!”

  1. Oh, that cover is byoooootiful. It plucks at SO many strings. It did confuse me a moment, thinking I was seeing Korval’s tree. The cover certainly does its job, I definitely want to see what’s inside! That is, in *addition* to wanting to read Archer’s Beach stories sight unseen, I laud the title/cover combo: I would grab, and grab fast.
    It’s lovely. Love it.

  2. Oh yay! I’ve been hoping you would eventually finish Wolf in the Wind; Archers Beach has always been one of my favorite settings. A great start to the new year, thank you!

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