So, I’ve done a little tidying up here at the website.

Notably, I’ve added two pages:  2023 Interviews with Lee and Miller  and The Big List of Lee and Miller Interviews

The Big List also includes book reviews, series overviews, two videos of Steve and me reading from Trader’s Leap — one at the MarsCon Main Stage and the other at Mysterious Galaxy.

In the process of doing all that, I stumbled across the speech I gave in February 2010 at Colby College as part of a series, in which women who worked at Colby, and who also embraced avocations and/or second careers, talked about that second career.  I talked, surprisingly, about science fiction and my writing career.  I had, honestly, forgotten that was on the site, and listened to it yesterday as I was cleaning up.  It’s legitimately informative, and I recommend you check it out — text and audio are provided.  Here’s the link.

In other news, Salvage Right has a whopping 478 reviews/ratings at the Vast Waterway.  Steve and I thank all of you who have taken time to post a review.  We also ask those of you who have read Salvage Right to please review it.  Wouldn’t 500 reviews be awesome?

Steve and I are also still on the interview trail.  Yesterday we hosted the Portland Press Herald right here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, and tomorrow afternoon, we have a podcast interview scheduled with Legendarium, and a couple more upcoming into September.

. .  . and that’s all the news.

Everybody stay safe, and be as happy as you can.

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