The weekend at the Cat Farm

We are aware that, for some folks in the US, this is a three-day weekend.  Given that MaineDOT has told us that a sizeable percentage of those folks are heading for the Maine beaches, we here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory will be staying home.

Our festive weekend plans have expanded to include signing the 14 cases of Salvage Right that appeared in the driveway yesterday, courtesy of Melissa and her Big Brown Truck.  Also on the agenda is writing, reading, embroidery, and messing with the cats.  There may be a half-day in there somewhere so we can have cheese and crackers and a glass of wine in the middle of the day, just like those writers you see in movies.

After we have signed and reboxed the 300ish copies of Salvage Right, they will be put on another Big Brown Truck, bound for Minneapolis and Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore.  If you want to be sure that you will be getting one of those signed copies, you may pre-order here

Please note that Uncle Hugo’s is the sole source for signed copies of Salvage Right.

Tangential aside:  No, we have no news of an audiobook edition as yet.  The ebook edition will be released simultaneously with the hardcover, as has been Baen’s pleasant habit since the beginning.

Ribbon Dance — that’s the book due to be turned in +/-August 7 — has cleared 95,000 words, which means that shadow on the horizon?  Is The End.  We’re rowing as fast we can to get there.

For those playing along at home, Ribbon Dance is the direct sequel to 2020’s Trader’s Leap, detailing the adventures of the Tree-and-Dragon Trade Mission as it seeks to determine if Colemeno is the break they’ve been looking for.

On the topic of Far Future Planning, Steve and I are intending to attend Astronomicon in October.  After that, we’ll be at Boskone, in February 2024.  We’re also tentatively planning to attend the NASFIC in Buffalo, should it be chosen.

I’m not sure we can justify World Fantasy, in October 2024, but I’d sure like to go back to Niagara Falls, so — who knows?

So, that’s everything doing, I think.  Here’s a picture of Sprite, atop the Salvage Right mountain.

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