Talkin’ Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the US.

We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory are planning our usual low-key event with an afternoon meal centered around carbs and tryptophan.  P’rhaps a movie will figure in somewhere, or a game of Scrabble — or both.

Last week, Real Life™ intruded far too much into my rich fantasy life, leaving me Very Snarly.  So, yesterday, I opened the WIP, shoved RL into a closet, and wrote.  Felt good.  Much less snarly this morning (and yes, I did sleep in — call me a slave to pleasure).  Planning on writing some more today.

I love it when my job’s not work.

I do have some Physical Therapy homework to do — and that will be work — but after that?  I’m as free as the wind.

In other news — this by way of a PSA, hoping to save someone else a moment of despair.

Tuesday, I dropped my beloved Moonman C1 demonstrator fountain pen.  This by itself is not unusual.  What won the prize was that, this time, I dropped it directly on its nib.  Yep, down into the wood floor like a ill-aimed dagger.  And, yes, the nib was bent, but only a little.  I thought I could still write with it, but, um — no.

So, I went over to Jetpens to order me in another, because by ghod I adore this pen, and I had a Bad Fright.  There were no Moonman pens.  For the search “moonman c1” I was offered “Majohn.”  It was, as I say, a Black Moment.  Then, I noticed that Majohn offered C1 demonstrators, and when I clicked on that image, I was given the information that “Moonman” is now “Majohn.”  Personally, I don’t know why you would abandon “Moonman” as a company name, but it’s not my company.  Suffice that the Majohn C1 demonstrator is what I wanted, and what I ordered in.

Fans of the coon cats will be pleased to know that they go on very well. Firefly has settled in beautifully.  She and Trooper still have the occasional technical meeting.  Sprite and Firefly groom each other and nap together from time to time, while Belle continues her path of Benevolent Disregard.

In other news, From Every Storm:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number 35 by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, is now available from all the Usual Suspects, including Baen.

We had an especially good run of preorders for this title — thank you all.  Steve and I are very grateful for you, our readers, and your support down a career that was declared dead for the first time more than 30 years ago.

I think that catches us up nicely.  Enjoy your day, whatever it brings.

Here’s a picture of my office, doing the work it was built to do.


3 thoughts on “Talkin’ Turkey”

  1. Terrifying about the fountain pen nib! I know it’s technically possible to fix them when this happens, but I’ve never had any luck with that. Good luck with the replacement!

  2. After many years…at least 50…od dropped fountain pen, I’ve learned some basic nib fixing. Needless pliers and tweezers are helpful. But I prefer my pen guru for complicated repairs. Or did. I sold off my 200+ collection about 2015. The arthritis in my right became severe enough that I no longer write much by hand. And I am no longer ambidextrous. I came out of a com-like state six years ago, when I nearly died of pneumonia, to discover that I can no longer use my left hand as well as I used to. Since the ability was learned rather than innate, I assume that my high fever burned out some circuits.

    Sad, that. I liked being able to use both hands. I’m back to being right handed only.

  3. Thought I had pre-ordered the chap book on B & N but it was still in my cart. Another senior moment. I paid, purchased and read last night. Excellent as usual and great help as I am suffering from shingles right now so took my mind off my discomfort for a couple of hours. I especially enjoyed Sinet’s story.

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